It Only Takes One Touch ~A Mermaid Story~

It Only Takes One Touch ~A Mermaid Story~

-Brenna Allen has always watched the funny-looking land creatures from the safety of the water. But the older she got, the more curious she became.
Because of her curiosity, she accidentally is swept upon the sand. And before she knows it, she's human.
-Maia Arden has always loved being outdoors. She spends hours in the forests by the ocean.
While walking on the beach, she finds Brenna, laying unconscious.
One touch is all it takes to turn her world upside down.

Chapter 3

Like A Trance

I heard someone gasp loudly and my eyes flew open in shock.

"Oh fudge nuggets!" I uttered loudly before I tried to slip away into the safety of the sea. But the girl called out saying "Wait!"

Something about the girl made me stop. I don't what it was but her voice seemed to hold me in a trance.

"Hello there." The strange creature said. Not Who are you? or What are you?. She didn't even scream.

I swallowed past the lump in my throat and tried to speak. Oh I am in so much trouble when they find out.

"H-hello." The words stumbled out of my mouth clumsily so I resorted to observing this human.

I started breathing fast because this girl looked so much like me...well minus the tail and the stupid outfits I am supposed to wear. Her black hair was billowing behind her and her green eyes were plastered on me.

"My name is Maia Arden...What's your name?" She asked nervously. She obviously doesn't know how to talk to my kind...and me like-wise.

"My name is Brenna Allen, a future ruler of my city." I said bitterly but Maia seemed intrigued.

"A future ruler? Seriously?" Her eyes went large and round, then a smile formed on her bright pink lips.

"Yes. It also means that I have to find a mate soon so that he can rule with me...I'm only 17!" I mumbled angrily.

"You remind me of myself. Well besides the fact that you have a-a tail." Maia said, stumbling on what to call my green tail.

"I'm a mermaid, you're a human, what is there to be alike?" I asked even though I already knew. But I backed away anyhow.

"I'm 17, and my parents are sorta like royalty in my town...They are trying to set me up with promising guys but they never listen to me when I say that I love someone else." Maia said, then stopped as she realized she was sputtering information to a complete freak.

"I've got to go. Daddy won't be happy that I talked to a land creature." I said, turning awkwardly so I could roll off the rock and fall into the ocean.

"Here, let me help." Maia said and gently touched my shoulder blade.

That was the last thing I remember before the pain struck.

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