It Only Takes One Touch ~A Mermaid Story~

It Only Takes One Touch ~A Mermaid Story~

-Brenna Allen has always watched the funny-looking land creatures from the safety of the water. But the older she got, the more curious she became.
Because of her curiosity, she accidentally is swept upon the sand. And before she knows it, she's human.
-Maia Arden has always loved being outdoors. She spends hours in the forests by the ocean.
While walking on the beach, she finds Brenna, laying unconscious.
One touch is all it takes to turn her world upside down.

Chapter 4

The Change

Clenching my teeth so I did not scream in agony, I squirmed away from Maia's touch. She seemed to do the same thing although her cries of pain were spoken out loud by screaming.

Struggling hard to open my eyes, I realized that Maia had stopped her crying in pain...And I had too. Then my eyes opened and I stared at my lower body.

I had... legs! Long, lean, tan legs!

The my gaze glanced toward Maia and she was panting hard. My guess would be that she is almost hysterical.

Maia was no longer wearing jean shorts, neither did she have legs. Instead she had my long, moss green tail.

"What the hell?" Maia screamed and I jumped slightly at the sudden noise. "What did you do to me?!?"

"I-I...I didn't do anything...I didn't even know this was possible! They just said to stay away from land creatures because they can change us...Now I know what they mean." I rambled, my hands running up and down my smooth, new legs.

"Who is they? I want to have legs again! I can't stand up!" Maia screamed again and I had to hush her.

"Shhh. Listen to me. I don't know if touching each other again will reverse this or if this happened for a reason. But I think we need to learn everything about each others lives. And fast." I said seriously.

"Why? How? Oh mother of all things what is happening!" Maia screamed but this time quieter.

"Okay touch my hand." I said. "Maybe this will reverse this." And so Maia did. I closed my eyes waiting for the pain but nothing happened.

Slowly I opened one eye, then the other. Maia had done the same thing.

"Okay we need to learn everything about each other then...Because I think the gods are playing a joke on us." I concluded and Maia nodded, her green eyes filling with tears and her face a mask of complete terror.

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