He's my best friend! ( A George Weasley Love Story )

Name : Kayla Johnson
Age : 16
Appearance : Light Brown hair with short lairs. Has a side bang and hazel colored eyes.
Blood Status : Pure blood, sees no difference in blood type.
About myself : Really outgoing, a prankster, funny, brave and adventures, very loyal to friends.
Enemies : No one really, gets along with Draco ( Shocker ) , Family has been good friends for so long.
house : Griffindor, duh!


Chapter 27


I waited in the common room for Harry, Fred George and belle had already gone to bed. It was gone past curfew and I was ready to fall asleep. I heard a whisper just before I dozed off. I opened my eyes in alarm. Harry was standing over me, calling my name.
"Sorry... I must of dozed off," I apologised to him.
"No, it's okay, I was gone away. Didn't think I'd be that long," he replied sitting in his favourite place in front o the fire.
"So... Why was Snape at the burrow then?" I asked him, rubbing the sleep our of my eyes.
"Okay, see, I've been having these ... Er, visions. It's like, I'm him," he said quickly. I knew straight away when he said him he ment Voldemort.
"It started off with just his emotions. Now I see what he's doing... And who he's murdering," Harry gazed into the fire. I looked at him in shock. He's only fifteen! And he has to deal with all this? It wasn't right
"Snape came to theburrow because he's giving me oclumency lessons. It's to keep Voldemort out of my head," he finished.
"But...," I didn't know what to say to this. "Harry, oclumency Is really hard. Lupin told us when he was teaching us," I said to him.
"I know, hermiones been telling me," he replied standing up, "I think we should go to bed," he said. I gazed after him, life must be crap for him!

A few months later

The news buzzed around quickly, I didn't want to believe it until I heard them say it themselves. It was a warm may day, the sun was shining. Dumbledores Phoenix could be heard singing from the astronomy tower.
Of coarse you'd forget your book! I thought to myself walking back up to the dormitory, my bag strapped around my shoulder. I heard talking inside, it was my year, some of them must have a free period. Maybe it was Fred and George's class? That's when I heard it.
"We've never really cared about the exam hermione," I heard Fred say to her.
I heard hermione sigh deeply.
"Ya, without quidditch, there's nothing worth staying here for," George said. I gasped, they all looked around and saw me standing there.
"Nothing... I'm not worth staying on Hogwarts for, am I?" I asked raising my voice, now everyone was looking at me.
"Kay, I didnt mean it like that," he said alarmed.
"Are you really leaving?" I asked him.
"Um, ya- we are," George replied looking down at his feet.
"I guess you did mean it like that then," I replied. I ran up to the girls dormitory and grabbed my book, ignoring George as I ran back to divination. Belle noticed I was frustrated about something and questioned me immidiatly.
"Are you okay?" she asked me, her voice filled with concern.
"Ya.. It's nothing," I lied to her.
"Did George tell you their leaving?" she asked. I looked at her and nodded. Sé sighed.
"You mean, you knew? Fred told you?" I asked her.
"Ya, a few days ago. But George wanted to tell you in his own time. I can handle it, you and George are way closer then me and fred. You've known George nearly your entire life here in Hogwarts!" she said. I nodded but nothing helped my anger. Not Fred, not belle, no one. Although, I wasn't too happy with fred either, he didnt tel me he was leaving either.

The days rolled on and all the seventh years backs ore nervous about their exams. Except for Fred and George ... Obviously. Because they'll be gone!
"Won't you just talk to him?" belle asked as I walked away after transfiguration. I glared at Fred and George who were walking ahead of us.
"No!" I snapped before walking away. Everybody knew by now that me and George were practically over. We said if we broke up we'd still be bestfriends, but I guess the rules can change? but he's my bestfriend...!
I decided days later that I was being a stupid prat. I walked Into to a deserted classroom to find someone snogging! The boy was Dracp Malfoy and Ariana kilcoyne, the girl we sat with on the carriages.
I shrieked and they pulled apart.
"Kayla!" Draco gasped, I laughed and ran out of the classroom. That was the most awkward thing ever! I ran into Fred on my way back up to the dormitory, he looked at me and looked at me like I was crazy. O suppose I did look crazy laughing about catching Draco snogging someone, it just made everything so awkward!
"Er, Kayla... Are you okay?" he asked me. I stopped laughing, clutching my side from the stitches I got from laughing.
"Yes, I'm fine, he look I'm sorry I was such a prat to you! Will you forgive me?" I asked him. He looked at me and smiled.
"Of coarse I forgive you, we should of told you the minute we decides this," I hugged him.
"No, I was being stupid. Like always! Now I need to find Fred and tell him I'm sorry..." I said looking past Fred.
"Are you getting back together with him?" Fred asked hopefully. I looked down at my feet.
"I don't think so..." I muttered. "I don't want to, not now anyway," I replied. Fred nodded as if he understood. I walked past him and found George in the dormitory, looking at a quidditch book. It's the only book he'll actually read!
"Hey," I said to him, he looked up in shock.
"Kay, it's been awhile," he replied, I giggled and sat next to him.
"I'm sorry.. For being the worlds biggest prat," I exclaimed looking at him.
"Kay, it's okay..." he said.
"But, George, I only want to be friends with you," I said looking away from him. He smiled at me.
"Thats okay too," he replied, but I could hear the hurt in his voice.
"So, what now?" I asked him. He shrugged.
"I could tell you about my plan... Well freddies too," he said amused. I agreed and he told me all the details. Harry needed a detraction....


Their plan was put into action straight away, I noticed hermione scowling at them. She obviously heard of their plan. I laughed at her and shook my head. Everything wasn't awkward between me and George, it was just like before we went out at all.
With a loud bang, tier plan was put into place, I heard screams from people on the floor above me. I ran up and laughed as Fred and George laughed at everyone's faces. Filtch and Umbridge came running at top spped to the commotion. Fireworks were setting off everywhere in the halls. Her face was priceless! All the students were screaming in joy. Fred and George grabbed there brooms and hopped on them, flying through the great hall doors and outside, everyone running after them. I screamed happily after them. I saw George fly back towards the groiund and he came towards me.
"Kayla, I love you," he said before kissing me passionately. I heard the crowd scream in delight.
"I love you too," I replied, George got on his broom and flew off before we couldn't see them anymore.

The School became rebellious after that, the newts went fine. But the last day was upsetting for Harry. And me too; of coarse I wasn't there when it happened, I was sitting my newts, but when I heard I broke down into tears.
Sirius black has died. Harry didn't talk to us much after that, but we tried to talk to him, hed just snap at us and then apologise. I couldn't get through to him. Finally the last day of school came, the news that Voldemort was back brought fear into everyone. Except me, knowing George was waiting for me out there. I lived him... And that's all that mattered.

A few years later

I gazed around happily down at everyone. Some were crying, others were smiling up at me. Fred was sitting beside Ms. Weasley, he looked so happy. his nana was crying tears of joy. Belle my best friend, stood behind me wearing a golden dress. I smiled at her.
"And do you, kayla Johnson take George Weasley to be your husband?" asked the priest, I smiled happily. I've never been so happy.
"I do," I replied to him. George smiled at me, I couldn't stop looking into his green eyes.
"George, you may now kiss your bride," the priest announce, geore leaned in and kissed me sweetly on the lips, it was like our first kiss in the three broomsticks. But this one I knew ment we'd be together forever.

The end...

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