He's my best friend! ( A George Weasley Love Story )

Name : Kayla Johnson
Age : 16
Appearance : Light Brown hair with short lairs. Has a side bang and hazel colored eyes.
Blood Status : Pure blood, sees no difference in blood type.
About myself : Really outgoing, a prankster, funny, brave and adventures, very loyal to friends.
Enemies : No one really, gets along with Draco ( Shocker ) , Family has been good friends for so long.
house : Griffindor, duh!


Chapter 3


'Mom!' called Fred as he walked into Ginny's room closely followed by George. 'Yes?' came a voice closer then I thought it would be. 'Kayla's here!' George shouted down the hallway from where the voice came. I heard footsteps coming closer to Ginny's room and soon Mrs. Weasley was standing at the doorway. 'Kayla dear, it's so good to see you again,' said Molly (Mrs. Weasley) as she pulled me into a hug, 'It's good to see you too Mrs. Weasley,' I replied, she let go of me and I walked over to my suitcase and started unpacking. 'Let me dear,' said Mrs. Weasley pulling out her wand, she said a spell and all my clothes flew into drawers. 'Thanks,' I muttered as I placed my suitcase under my bed. She smiled at me one last time before walking back down the hallway. 'So, who's up for two on two quidditch?' I asked jumping up off the ground. Both the boys smiled and yelled me, we went to look for Ron who was in the kitchen eating. Obviously Ron is eating something! 'Want to play quidditch Ron?' I asked. He nodded and we all grabbed a broom. I took off, I loved flying! I felt so free, like I could take on the world. 'Okay, teams are me and Ron against you and Fred,' called George to me, I agreed and me and Fred flew to our side. George used a spell to let the quaffle throw itself up into the air so we could begin. I grabbed the quaffle and passed it straight to Fred. He flew up the pitch but the quaffle was taking out of his hands by George. I flew towards George and pushed against him, He smiled at me evilly and began to fly faster, but I soon caught up. I grabbed the quaffle out of his hands and flew down the pitch, George was right behind me so I passed it to Fred who was free. He threw the quaffle and scored! This continued for the next hour, George and Ron beat us by a point. 'Come on Fred, I don't like people who boast about winning,' I said linking arms with him after we landed, George kept on bragging about how great they were because they won. Me and Fred walked away laughing. 'The look on his face was priceless,' Fred said as we put our brooms into the shed. 'Ah, he's only jealous I wasn't linking arms with him,' I joked, Fred laughed with me and we walked back over to them. 'We're only messing with ya!' I said messing up his hair. He fixed his hair back up and snorted. 'I knew that!' he said making his way over to the shed and returning to us in minutes. 'Okay, lets go the lake so, it's a nice day out,' I said. Again they agreed in doing what I wanted so I ran upstairs and threw on a bikini. I put shorts over it and a top as well. When I came down they were already in the water playing around and didn't notice me come up behind me. I pushed my hand through the water splashing them as I did this. They all shrieked in horror as the cold water hit their backs. They turned and looked at me evilly, 'Come on Fred, Get her!' cried out George. I screamed and tried to run away, but they were too fast. They grabbed my legs and my hands and pulled me further in. They threw me and I landed into the cold, freezing water. I screamed and pulled myself back out. 'That wasn't funny!' I shouted as I walked back onto the grass. 'Oh, but it was,' replied Fred laughing, so was George and Ron. I couldn't help but laugh as well at what just happened.. 'Ron! Harry's here!' I shouted as I saw the black messy haired boy coming towards us. 'Hey Harry! Want a hug,' I asked laughing. He looked at me and saw I was soaking wet. 'I think I'll pass for now,' he grinned. 'I thought you weren't coming until tomorrow?' Fred said. Harry shrugged his arms and sat down next to me on the towels. 'How was your summer?' harry asked me. 'It was grand, spent most of it with Draco,' I said, It annoyed me that every time I mentioned Malfoy's name they would look at me like I was an idiot. 'Oh,' sighed Harry. 'ya, well, what about yours?' I asked trying to change the subject. 'I was at the Dursley's so.. not that good. I got a letter from the ministry yesterday, they're trying to expel me from Hogwarts,' he said sounding annoyed. I gasped , 'Why?' I asked still shocked. 'Because, I used underage magic in the presence of a muggle. But I was only trying to defend myself against the dementors. There was two of them!' he sighed leaning back against the tree. 'Oh, They can't expel you if it was for defense,' I replied back to him. 'I know that, but they won't believe me or Dumbledore!' he replied getting annoyed thinking about this. 'Don't worry Harry. You'll be fine,' I promised, well I hope he'll be fine......

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