Ok, i've seen a lot of people doing this, so i thought 'Hey! Might as well.' and im doing this. Only three will win, out of whoever actually does this [probably, like, five people {if im lucky}] so go ahead and read all that is below.

Chapter 1

We are the last of the best.

Ok, its told in modern day society. Long before, the elements were used and manipulated- 'bent' if you will- to humanities needs. After a few thousand year though, the need died down, humans, no longer using it and teaching it to their young, lost the ability. Then a prophecy was told.
'The last of the best, will tredge on above the rest. Four of them will find the fifth. The one whos power is most powerful, was lost, their powers dull. /Through trials of bravery, they will find they key. To reunite with each other and put the world back together.'
It was said that there was a fifth power, all thought that this was a mad idea. They ignored it. No one has bent the elements ever since then..........
A few Thousand years later.
2011 October 30th
Name: Octivia Essence Gregori.
Parents: Dead
Home: None
Element: Water
Descendant of: The Last Waterbender, Nagi Chukoru.
Looks: Dark skin, hazel eyes with blue and green specks eyes, dirty clothes, wavy brown hair
Lives: Rio, Brazil
Gender: Girl
Age: 17

The 'Application Form'
Element: Not Water
Descendant of: Options Benji Kodo [Fire], Denana Gingrena [Air], Wystora Ferndal [Earth]

The rest of the contest will be made soon. In the 2nd part you will have to 1. Write how your descendant died 2. How you think we'll find the fifth elemential person, and what the fifth element is

That is all.
LoL [Lots of Love]

P.S. I would really like it if one of you were a guy [especially if you're fire]

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