Of Bats and Wolves

Begun: April 23, 2011
Completed: June 26, 2011
Hey, guys... I added something to chapter 19. Please reread it.

Who said vampires and werewolves couldn't get along?
Caomhan had tried to come to grips with the brutal nature of his existance, until Ari blew into his life. She's a werewolf who's past is locked away from her, in Scotland for the help of Thor, who is Caomhan's "child" and manservant. Neither of them is willing to let her go and she's going to have to choose...

Chapter 1

A Prologue of Sorts

The Carpathian Mountains, Romania

Darkness fell quickly during winter in the wilderness of Romania. Not hard to see why it's called vampire country. Of course, there are worse things in the night, but people rarley share those stories, mainly because they usually disappear.

Halfway up the mountains, a girl crouched on a branch of a tree, watching the wolves below. She was slender and would be considered tall among the humans, though she rarely ventured into the village below. It was much safer to stay on the mountain-- her mountain. A breeze stirred the leaves of the tree and the girl's long, blonde hair.

Suddenly, the girl's head snapped up, catching the scent of something foreign. Issuing a slight hiss, she leapt lightly from her perch, the wolves halting their play. She stiffened as the scent hit her again. Growling low, she took off running toward it, the pack behind her.

She came to a clearing, surrounded by tall trees. Sinking low, she scanned the clearing for the source of the scent. While she saw no one, she knew that whatever it was had to be close by.

As quick as a blink, a young man appeared in the clearing. In the moonlight, he was breathtaking. His black hair was pulled into a queue, and constrasted with his pale skin beautifully. The girl drew in her breath sharply, causing his dark gaze to find her, even in her hiding place.

"Stiu ca esti acolo," he said. I know you're there. "Come out, pet."

The wolves growled as she straightened and made her way towards him. She couldn't help herself.

"Good girl. Now, what's your name, pet?" He smiled, flashing very white teeth.

"Ari," she said, drawing confidence from the wolves she knew were merely feet away.

"Ah, little eagle."

"What are you?"

"I think that is the same thing I was about to ask you. The villagers know better than venturing out at night."

"Who said I was a villager?"

"Do you live up here on your own?"

"I have my wolves. What is your name?"

"Caomhan," he said with a bow. "Did you say wolves?"

"They're more like large dogs." She grinned, her fangs glinting in the moonlight.

He breathed a sigh of relief, though Ari could still smell his fear and curiousity. It mingled nicely with his own strange scent. He spun in a circle, taking in the clearing.

"Do you come here often, unchaperoned?"

Ari slinked close to him until she could see every beat of his heart through the skin of his neck.

"Sometimes," she whispered, leaning in close.

Suddenly, he whirled around, his arms going around her waist. Grabbing a fist full of hair, Caomhan forced her head back.

"Don't lie to me," he said, sinking his own fangs into her neck.

As her sight dimmed, Ari didn't panic. The last thought she had before darkness consumed her was that they would now be forever tied to one another.

Note: Stiu ca esti acolo is actually supposed to have funky accents in it, but Quibblo wouldn't let me use them. It is Romanian, for anyone who'd like to use an online translator on "I know you're there." Sorry.

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