Hogwarts missing moments: funny

It's one in the morning and im board. these things. Could've happened, but JK forgot to put them in the books.

Chapter 1

weasley house 6th year

Hermione was listening to her iPod when someone was standing in the doorway of Ginny's room. Ron was sopping wet in his boxers. Hermione doubled over and laughed so hard she cried. She took the earplugs out of her ears and listened to what he had to say. "Someone took my clothes when I was in the shower." he said awkwardly "can you help me find them?" he asked she went laughingly over to Ginny's mattress, lifted it up from the box spring and threw Ron's jeans at him. "Why did you take my pants?" He yelled at her angrily she shook her head no "Ginny, not me" he growled in disgust "whoa," Fred and George exclaimed. "Who did this?" they asked the house "It was me" Ginny emerged from behind the twins. "Nice butt Ron" she said slapping him on the behind, this made Hermione laugh even harder. "I'm going to go get changed now and spare the rest of my dignity" Ron left the doorway. Harry came just as Ron was leaving "How could you ever reject that?" Harry asked Hermione, while she was wiping the tears off her face.

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