This is a real Kidnap story not with all romance..There will be some..Will be graphic stuff..This is my first story so sorry if grammer not the best.Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

The kidnapping

I stared at the clock and then the bell rang. Everyone rushed out of class, to go home. I packed my stuff up and went up to Beth. "Hey..If you see Josh, can you tell him I got detention and not to worry." I asked Beth. "Sure, what did you do?" She asked. "I was late for class" I said, looking around for Jared. "Oh..Well have fun!" She said teasingly. "I will." I said, walking away.

I entered room 232 and took my seat. A half hour past and I was free to go. I walked out of the room and headed out to the exit. I looked at my watch and realized I missed the late bus. "Just what I needed." I thought. I started to walk home but first I turned on my ipod, to listen to Die trying by Art of Dying. I turned on a side street where there was hardly any traffic or houses. As I walked on the side street, there was oddly a white van parked to the side with 2 men in the car.

I ignored the fact and kept walking. As I past the parked van I heard the slam of a car door closing. I slipped my hand in my pocket and paused my ipod. I started to walk a bit faster, the only thing I could hear was footsteps that weren't mine. I kept walking at the same speed, trying to keep my cool but then I heard the footsteps becoming more frequent. I started to run, I looked behind me to see a man chasing after me.

I ran as fast as I could, not daring to look back. Up ahead I saw the end of the side street and the store that my mom works in. I could still hear the mans footsteps running after me but they started to slow up as I got closer to the end of the side street.

All of the sudden the same white van stopped a few feet up in front of me, where another road runs perpendicular with the street I am currently on. The back van door opened and a man came out of the van. "I might be trapped but I can make it hard for them to get me." I thought. I kicked the man in front of me where the sun doesn't shine. The man must of been use to pain because he didn't react at all. Out of no where, The man tackled me to the ground. I wrestled him to the ground and started to punch him in the face repeatedly. I punched him 3 times before the man that was following picked me up and put a cloth damp cloth over nose and mouth.

I squirmed and try to scream but nothing came out. He dropped me and I fell to my knees. I tried to get up but everything was spinning so fast, that I just fell. I tried to get up one more time but this time everything went black.

When I woke up, My arms were tied behind my back and my waist was tied to the chair. There was a blindfold over my eyes. I tried to loosen the restraints around my wrists but the restraints were on to tight. I felt the blindfold come off my face, I opened my eyes and looked around the room, the room was dimly lit. It looked like a hotel room, there was 2 beds a door in front of me and towards the right of the room by the door there was a bathroom.

"Well.well look who is awake," A man said coldly. I looked at him and realized he was the man I attacked. He walked towards me and slapped me across the face. I spat at him. He punches me in the face. I grunted, "Let me go!" I screamed. He then threw a upper cut punch that hit my lower jaw. My head flew back and so did the chair. My head hit the ground, as well as the chair.

I closed my eyes and felt a little blood in the corner of my mouth. The man set the chair back up right. I wasn't willing to give up yet, I know I couldn't. I looked at my lap, staying very quiet. The man left to go out of the room but he came back in shortly after. He had more rope in his hand.

I didn't bother trying to make eye contact. The man knelt down in front of me and started to tie my left leg to the chair. I looked at him and quickly kicked him in the head with my right leg. "You B!t(h" The man yelled moving out of my reach.

He pulled out a gun and pointed it at me. "Tell me one good reason I should not pull this trigger." He said looking at me with no expression in his face. "What do you want from me!" I screamed as I tried to hold back my tears. "Just kill me already!" I yelled, I began to cry.

Out of no where the door flew open and another kidnapper came out. "What do you think you're doing!" the other kidnapper yelled. "This [Beep] brat is the reason I have cuts and bruises, I'm not going to allow her to get away with this!" The man yelled. "Hunter give me the gun." the other kidnapped ordered. "Get it yourself." Hunter said, throwing the gun on the ground and walking out.

The other kidnapped grabbed the gun and followed Hunter. He slammed the door on the way out. My head was throbbing, All I remember after that was Hunter and my other kidnapping fighting. From all the emotional stuff I went through in the past 20 minutes or so..I guess I just passed out from it.

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