This is a real Kidnap story not with all romance..There will be some..Will be graphic stuff..This is my first story so sorry if grammer not the best.Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 3

The First few hours of being kidnapped

Later on I woke up, I was breathing heavy. I looked around and saw a man in the corner. He must of notice I woke up, "You're awake, Are you hungry?" he asked me, as he started to walk towards me."Why is he being so nice to me after pulling a gun on me." I thought but then I looked at him and realized he was the kidnapper who saved me from being killed. I nodded, he then left the room and closed the door behind him.

When he came back he had 2 slices of pizza and a bottle of pepsi. He set down the food and bottle on the table. He then moved the table closer to where I was. He then looked at me, "Are you right handed or left handed?" He asked. I looked at him wondering why he asked me such a silly question. "I'm right handed." I said quietly, looking at him. He then pulled out a pocket knife, "This may hurt.." he started to say. I looked at him terrified, "Please..Don't do it.." I said fearing for the worst. He frowned, "I'm not going to hurt you..I'm going to cut your right hand free so you can eat. I said it might hurt because I can be quite clumsy and I don't want to cut you. Sorry if I scared you" He explained. I nodded feeling stupid for thinking the worst.

He untied my wrists and retied my left arm to the chair. He sat on at the foot of the bed while I ate. "I'm sorry about Hunter, he can be a hot head..But I suggest you don't try anything around him. I don't want anything to happen to you." The man said quietly looking at me. I rolled my eyes, "You don't want me hurt because you're using me for money." I said coldly, taking a bite out of my pizza. He sighed, "I know it's a horrible way to get money but I need the money to help someone I care for but I'm not going to hurt you, nor do I want to hurt you." He said softly. I looked at him and frowned slightly, "I guess I can see where you are coming from but why me." I replied looking at the ground and then taking a sip of my drink. "I didn't pick you Hunter and Blake did. You'll meet Blake soon enough. I don't know why or how they picked you but they did." He explained he was starring at his pocked knife in his hand for a long time. There was a long pause. Finally I decided to break the silence, "What's your name?" I asked in a quiet voice. He looked up at me, I could feel his eyes starring at me. "Kevin." He answered.

Their was another silence but then the door flew open."You got to be kidding me, you gave this brat my pizza!" Hunter said as I was taking a bite of my pizza. "There was nothing else for her to eat!" Kevin said getting a bit annoyed. Hunter then came up to me and grabbed the piece of pizza from my hand. He threw the piece of pizza across the room and then slapped me. "She deserves nothing." He said, starring coldly at me.

"We need to talk." Hunter said walking out the door and going downstairs. Kevin followed but this time they didn't close the door. I thought quickly on what to do and all I could hear were the word 'run'. I quickly untied my left arm and worked on untying my legs. I could Hear Hunter and Kevin having another yelling fight. Finally when I got done untying myself, I got up quietly and went to the door. I looked down the hall and no one was there. I went downstairs very quietly into the living room. I figured they were in the kitchen. I opened the front door as slowly and quietly as I could. I took my first step outside and closed the door making sure there was barely any noise.

I looked around to see a no other houses but the one my kidnappers kept me in. There was a 2 lane street but other than that I was in the middle of no where. I sighed and started to run down the street. It wasn't long before I heard "You're not going to make it out there, we're miles away from civilization." Kevin yelled running after me. I stopped running and so did he. We were feet away from each other. "I've got to try! I have a boyfriend and family who loves me very much. I don't want to leave or have them worried." I explained. "You'll not going to leave them.. We are going to return you to your family once we get the money." He replied. There was a brief silence

"I'm sorry but I can't. I'm sorry about your love one but I got to go home.." I said trying to not let my voice go shaky. I started to run again, when I heard a gun shot.

I turned around and there was Hunter pointing his gun in the air. "Get in the house now!" he growled. "No." I said my voice was masked with fear. He then cocked his gun back and aimed it at me. "NOW or you will be leaving your family!" he yelled. He then pulled the trigger. The bullet his the pavement a inch away from my foot. I started to shake in fear. I began to walk towards them with my hands up

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