This is a real Kidnap story not with all romance..There will be some..Will be graphic stuff..This is my first story so sorry if grammer not the best.Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 7

The note

Black smirked, “Oh, nothing. Just checking on my favorite employee.” He said as he grabbed a picture that was set on a near by table. Miles let out a sigh and put his gun away. A smile appeared on Blake's face. “Man, your wife is pretty good looking for her age.” He said as he looked up at Miles. Miles grabbed the photo from his hand, “Will you stop that? Don't you see I am on your damn side?” Miles growled as he sat down the picture of a chair next to him. “Someone is getting a bit touchy. Really? Are you really? Ever since you said that I'm not sure if I can trust a man like you.” He said with a serious look upon his face. “Blake, I swear to you I am on your side I will not betray you. You have my word!” Miles explained as he feared Blake might of acted already to hurting his wife and children. “Your word means nothing to me if I can not trust you. You of all people should be able to figure that out.” Blake said as he took out an envelope. “Don't open it till I leave.” Blake said as he walked by Miles and exit out of his house. Miles opened the envelope as soon as he heard the door slam. The not had a letter and had something attached behind it by a paper clip. Miles then read the note;

Since I can not trust you, I have no other choice but to test how loyal you are to me. Right now, you must be wondering how I will test you. The answer is quite simple, you see. Your next job is to kill your boss, Michael. Risky? You bet but since I don't know if I can trust you there will be a twist. Please look at what is paper clipped behind this note before continuing to read this note.

Miles let out a sigh and grabbed what was paper clipped behind the note. It was a photo of his oldest daughter, Kate. Miles starred at the photo in shock. His poor daughter had her arms bound behind her back and a gag around her mouth. She looked frightened. Miles flipped back to the note;

Yes, that is right, Miles. I have your beloved daughter. How old is she again? 14? 15? Oh it doesn't matter, she looks perfect to be sold in the slave trade or maybe I will keep her for my own. She is very beautiful girl. Here's the deal, you kill your boss, you do not show this note to anyone (that shouldn't be so hard since your wife is away on vacation and you can lie to your other kids.), and do not try having people help rescue her. You can only rescue her by being a good father and follow my instructions and your daughter will be just fine. Hope to talk to you soon.
Your pal,

Miles slammed the letter on the tabled and clenched his fists. “Damn it!” he yelled before turning around and punching the wall. It hurt but he ignored it and started to pace. He checked the time and realized he had to pick his kids up. He let out a sigh and wrapped a ace bandage around his hand. He grabbed his keys and went outside. Miles looked around before getting in his car and driving off.

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