The Half Dragons of Venomania

Long ago, the Gods wrath racked the People of Venomania with fear & death. No one came out of their houses, & if they did, they were, either, killed or injured extremely. The rain became floods, fires destroyed everything in the way & darkness always surrounded them.
But, one young man of 17, went outside to try to reason with the Gods. He asked for the Wrath to be lifted in return for a song that would make them cry!They agreed & a Goddess took his hand...

Chapter 1

The Goddess & the Mortal

by: Cozy_Glow
The Goddess lead him to a stage, the Stage of Fate, & gave him a small, golden harp. She smiled, then turned & sat on her chair. The Gods & Goddess' watched, some pitying him, others unamused. Placing his fragile fingers on the strings, he began to sing.

After he finished, he saw the Gods & Goddess' crying & smiling. He smiled & aproached the High God, Ryu. The young man bowed & the God stopped his wrath. People rejoiced in the bright sunlight & the Goddess took him down to his village.

"What is your name, brave soul?" she asked, smiling.
"Oh, my name is Kaito" he bowed, smiling in return. "And you are the lovely Goddess..."
"Miku" she interjected, laughing. "Goddess of children & protection. Speaking of protection..." She took off her Amythest brooch & placed over his left side. "This will protect you!"

Kaito watched as she ascended to the heavens. He smiled & walked away, singing as he went. For 3 years, Kaito lived alone & unhappily. He wished for Miku back & she saw his love like a beacon. She smiled & dressed herself as a maiden in distress. He rescued her & they married in the Spring...
But, the Gods felt her treachory & demanded justice on her, or her lover...

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