What? No way! (Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy Love Story) Part 7

hey guys thanks for all the awesome comments. I would like to dedicate this chapter to xXxSpell_BoundxXx and bigJ40! Your comments made me laugh a lot and im sure other people laughed too! Oh My Rowling im watchin Make It Or Break It and Emily's pregnant oh sh^t! Oh sorry i ment poopy! Hahaha avps reference.

Chapter 1

Ouch! Oh and a bouncing ferret!

Mum had had enough of this she pounched on him. She started punching, kicking, yelling not so nice things, and pulling his hair. "Ouch!! What the f^^k!! Get off me you filthy mudblood!" Draco shouted. This just made mum more angry. She started punching twice as hard. I think Draco didn't care if she was a girl he punched her right in the nose. He broke it! That bleephole! Luna went over to her and said "Episkey". Mum started crying and Dad comforted her while yelling "You motherbleep get out of here!!" He tried to hit Draco but mum wouldnt let go of him. "No! Come Scorpius!!" Draco said. Scorp stood up looked straight at his father and said "No. I will never go with you. Go to h3ll!" Draco didn't care that there were 10 other people who could hex him in this room. He hit Scorp! Scorp fell to the ground slowly sobbing and clutching his cheek. I knelt next to him and pulled him into a hug. "Shh its ok. Shh your ok. He's going to leave in a second." I said. Mum came over and took Scorp in her arms trying to comfort him. I stood up and went over to Draco. "You disgust me" I said and then i kicked him where the sun don't shine. There was a groan from Draco and he collapsed on the ground. behind me i heard many gasps. From adults and kids. I'm surprised mum and aunt Ginny had let Hugo and Lily stay here. "You gasp little gasp" came out of Malfoys mouth before he was transformed into a ferret. (Thank You to TeamSeamusFinnigan1 for this idea) Everyone behind me turned to look at Aunt Abi who had her wand out. "What? He was about to say some cruel language. Plus I never got to see the famous bouncing ferret." she said. Aunt Abi went to a school in the Americas. She moved to England after she graduated. One day she went into the joke shop and she found George. I guess it was just love at first site. "Oh right i forgot sweetie" Uncle George said. "Can you do me a favor?" Scorp asked her. "Sure. What is it Scorp?" Aunt Abi replied. "Can you make him bounce around the room? And hit him against the wall for me?" he asked. "No problem kiddo!" Aunt Abi says cheerfully. She did everything requested and then turned back to himself. "Now Draco get the fu^k out of my house!!" Uncle Harry yelled "Before i kick your a**." Draco quickly ran out. He was so scared i think he pi$$3d his pants. Hilarious thing ever. We all cleaned up the mess. Mom, Dad, Hugo, Scorp and I headed home. Hugo and I slept in Scorp's room. I knew he was still shaken, so we stayed with him. Today was such an eventful day. Thank godness Jen was coming over tomorrow.

Hey guys! 7 comments please. More would be appreaciated. Sorry its so short. The next one will be longer, promise. Sorry im not sayin a lot today cause its 12:45 pm and im beat. So thanks for reading!!
~abi ;;)


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