Harry potter and the philosopher's stone (re-written)

This book will be just like the first book of harry potter but not really it will be the same story line but with me and my friends added in but to all who read feel free to replase my new charecters and pretend there you and your friends

Chapter 1

The begining

by: mittendog
It was another gloomy Tuesday in the cold city of Toronto, and in the public high school there sat a grade seven class in French, bored as ever. Little did they know two of the students in this class were minutes away from starting the adventure of a lifetime.

“Voci le port...” the teacher droned on, but she was interrupted by an announcement.

“7-7, please report to the gymnasium,” the speaker blared.

In confusion, the class made their way down while two eager students wondered what was going on.

“Do you recon our class did something?” asked a girl named Emma.

“Nah, we’re probably just being rewarded for winning the penny drive,” replied her friend Hannah.

“True say,” Emma said.

They were yet to realize that one of them would be leaving the school they went to the gym.

As they walked in, they saw two men waiting. One was tall built and black and the other one was a small ginger.

“Those people look strangely familiar,” Emma said, confused, to Hannah.

“Ya I know what you mean,” Hannah said.

The class sat down as the two men started to talk. The ginger spoke first.

“Hello, my name is Arthur Weasley, and this is my partner Kingsley,” he announced.

Hannah and Emma paused looked at each other.

“Oh my goodness they’re from Harry Potter!” They exclaimed simultaneously.

“We’re being punked,” Emma said, aggravated.

“We are here today, coming from London, to test you to see if you poses and ability… A magical ability,” the man continued.

“What the hell is going on?!” said a kid named Alex (who strangely resembled a goat).

“Calm down - we just would like you to take this wand, rehearse a spell and, if nothing happens, pass it to the next person. Then, you may go back to class,” Arthur said. “Would you please line up in alphabetical order?”

The class lined up.

“Now,” the ginger continued. “Say wingardium leviosa, flicking and swishing your wrist.”

So they started. The line went on and on, nothing happening from ‘a’ to ‘n’. When the line reached ‘o’ - the letter Emma’s last name started with – it was her turn.

Being correctly Harry Potter-educated (watching the movies and reading the books), Emma knew exactly how to say the spell and move the wand.

“Wingardium leviosa,” she said, and the strangest thing happened. The bottle they were trying to levitate rose. As Emma tried to find the hidden camera, Kingsley passed her a letter.

“Don’t read this until we say so,” he instructed, and with that, told her to sit down on the bench.

Emma sat as they kept calling up names. From ‘o’ to ‘p’ to ‘q’, everything was as uneventful as before. But, as Emma’s crush, Jeff, stepped up to the bottle, he enunciated the spell and the bottle rose again. Now, by this point, Emma had finally taken in that she just levitated something and her crush had just done the same. Something was up - definitely. Jeff sat beside her and they waited. No one else levitated the bottle. As the class travelled back up the stairs, Emma and Jeff sat and waited in silence.

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