All these sayings I made up while in the middle of class cause I was boredddd well hope you like and comment... then tell me if you want me to make more lol byeeeee's

Chapter 1

sayings part one

by: MrsBoddy
Secrets are like wildfires even when you dont want them to spread they catch fire and never stop!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sky is like an endless note that never stops writting even when you do!!!!!!!!

Friends are speacial but best friends that know what your going through and reaches out to help you feel comfort is truely like having an angel by your side.

Animals you may think they dont understand anything but truely they do understand everything they understand how you feel and if your sad they will always be there to comfort you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some books may take you on adventures, or some books may be a romance, some can be a horror, drama, or even comedy they will always know how you feel cause each one tells a life story just like YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't be afraid to go out in the world and do some crazy things cause nobody lives forever!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy life while you can and when things seem horrible just keep walking foward cause whatever happens always happens for a reason and maybe when you look back on that day you will go HAy that wasn't so bad after all!!!!!!!!!!

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