The Quibblo Choice Awards Brought To You Specifically By Pupp15! Small Edit!

Hey guys! I saw one of these and I want to make one, and follow some suit. These sound fun! And please try to vote in lots if not all categories. If you vote in only a few, that's perfectly fine! Hope you guys have fun!

EDIT! Guys, new category. Most Creative Nickname! It is already added to the list. Just a heads up :]

Chapter 1

All You Need To Know!

There are rules that apply, of course!

1. You may nominate yourself. You may vote for yourself. People are going to do this anyway, might as well say it aloud.
2. If I find out that anyone is being harassed, made fun of, or bullied in any way, the person responsible will get disqualified/removed from my friend list/be shunned
3. You may nominate more then one person for one category. You may nominate more then one category for one person.

Me being the judge must produce the categories. If anyone has suggestions for categories, please message me separately! Here are the categories:

Best Poll:
Best Personality Quiz:
Best Survey:
Best Chain Quiz:
Best Scored Quiz:
Best Question:

TIP: Think of information, detail, interesting topics, and others. If you are confused about something, try looking at Quiz ratings, views, etc.


Best Single-Author Story:
Best Group Story:
Best Chain Story:
Best Story Overall:
Best Short Story:
Best Romance:
Best Horror:
Best Fantasy/Supernatural:
Best Action:
Best Adventure:
Best Fanfiction:
Best Historical:
Best Mystery:
Best Realistic:
Best Animal-Related:
Best Science Fiction:


Kindest User:
Best Author:
Best Quizmaker:
Best Profile Picture:
Best Profile Theme:
Best User Overall:
Funniest User:
Most Creative Nickname/Username:

This may sound like a lot... but I will take and add more categories as needed. Entries & Nominates MUST be in by May 10, 2011! NOTICE: Deadline may be changed! When referring to a user, please list both username and nickname. Be sure to update me if they change that nickname.

Nominations are going to be held here. Keep in mind that bullying is not tolerated and to have ultimate fun!

P.S: You will be rated on your current profile picture, profile, nickname or username-- if you change one of these, please note that you will be disqualified. People will go and view your profile, and we want it just the way you like it. We can't have you changing it to something thats not yours.


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