(Knock, knock, knock) Sweetheart?--A Sheldon Cooper Love Story

I have recently become absolutely obsessed with Sheldon from Big Bang Theory and I thought that I might write a story about him.
Hope you guys enjoy this. :D

--Julie xxxx

PS: I have changed the original scenes from Big Bang in order to be able to make a credible love story between Penny and Sheldon; just giving you guys a little heads up. :D

Chapter 1

The Beginning Aproximation

"New neighbour?" Leonard asked, looking through to our neighbouring apartment. A blonde haired woman stood in floral shorts and a tank top, her long legs practically glowing in the early Pasadena sunlight, rumaging through a moving box.
"Evidently," I added, surveying her with great interest. I noticed a thin layer of plaque over her teeth, although this time it was visually appealing to me, strangely enough.
"Significant improvement over the old neighbour," Leonard added unhelpfully.
I looked at in frustration. Of course she was, she was more than just an improvement over Louie/Loiuse, she was probably the most attractive being to ever set foot inside our apartment building.
The woman looked up at us and smiled. "Hi, I'm Penny."
"Hey..." Leonard muttered, taken aback by her appearance.
"Hi," I added.
"Hi," Leonard said.
"Hi...?" she grinned, obviously questioning Leonard's social interactions.
"Um...." Leonard stuttered. "I'm Leonard and this is Sheldon."
"Oh," Penny smiled, walking towards her doorway and holding out a hand covered in unnecessary moisturizers.
Leonard, having no respect for personal hygiene and without hesitation, shook her hand promptly. "Hi, I'm Leonard."
She laughed a high pitched-ticklish laugh. "You said that, already."
I felt my cheeks burn hot, the cause, unknown. I had to put an end to it. I walked towards our doorway. "Well, Penny, it was nice to meet you. Leonard, we have a Halo tournament to get on with, so if you don't mind..."
He shook his hand at me in a dismissive way. "No, no, I'm talking to our new neighbour."
Penny's eyes met mine for a moment, but then went back to Leonard's. "Well, if you guys have something on, you could always come back later for coffee."
"We don't drink coffee, so unless you wanted us to some over for tea, cocoa or a Doctor Who marathon, no thank you," I told her quickly.
Leonard turned and looked at me, exasperated. "Sheldon, I'll be back in a minute, you get started without me."
I sighed. "Leonard, you can't get started on Halo with just one person."
"You're smart, you'll manage."
I sighed again. "Please don't state the obviously, Leonard, it's very annoying."
Penny grinned again. "Look, I know you two are busy, so I'll see you guys around." She turned on her heel and closed the door lightly behind us.
Leonard sighed and looked over his shoulder at me. "Why, Sheldon?"
I gave him a confused look. "What? I don't understand."
"Sheldon, don't you realise what you've done?"
At those words, I could only get one conclusion from them; yes, I had picked up a virus from Penny, an uncontaminated unhiegienic, parasite baring woman.

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