Random stuff about me!

you probs dont care but everyones doing these lol:)

Chapter 1

:) (:

Random stuff I love:Dresses, dancing, writting, my super secret nerdy story, smily faces(:, WRITING IN CAPS, exclamation marks! cell phone, computer, eye liner(only lightly, I would look so bad with tonnes on) FACEBOOK!(:, my fellow leaders of cheers, Matt(my bofriend!!!),my car(!!!!) its a silver bmw REDVINES!(:

I am 17, have dyed blonde hair with purple streaks underneath, blue eyes, quite tanned, slim, 5'6 (13 year olds are taller than me for goodness sake its not faaaair!), and a cheerleader

Alright number time

1.My friends don't know I like writting and I want it to stay that way lol
2.I have my ball dress picked out and ordered even though the balls not until december and I try it on every weekend
3.My bff and I are hardly ever apart
4.I am tutoring 14yr olds
5.I argue with the captain of my cheerleading squad alot
5a.and the coach just sits there laughing
6.One thing I really really want is a promise ring from Matt!grr stupid boys..when ever he comes over with a box im lik yaay he finally got me on and it turns out to be a bracelet or some thing
7.I can play the piano but haven't had formal lessons so I don't know what grade I would be...hmm maybe I should find out lmao
8.I am prep but don't have anything againist emos and idk why people think ALL preps must hate emo
9.Sunday is my lazy day and I dont do anything on that day.at all.
10.I'm gonna be famous!
11.I write depressing poems when I'm sad
12.My cat is dead to me because it vomited on my floor(eww)
13.Hate Rebecca Black (sorry)
14.I can sing pretty good, thinking of getting skype singing lessons from Lauren Lopez because apparently she does them
15.I love starkid and permently have even though from MAMD stuck in my head and my friends look at me like I'm a freak when I start singing it because they haven't watched me and my d i, c k
16.I have tonnes of posters and photos and my schools colors on my wall
17.I deleted heaps of people I didn't know off my facebook and got bored after the Ds
18.I own two hats a rabbit beanie and a pink santa hat and I wear them basically every day during winter
19.I cant remember my passwords for anything so I write them on my hand(:
20.I can't spell or use caps or punctuation
21.I spell color the American way because it looks better
22.I love Ke$ha, Avril Lavigne, Darren Criss 3oh3 and Katy Perry and taylor swift and blood on the dance floor
23.I got a dog awhile ago and couldn't think of a name for her and she was a idiot so I called her Muppet for a while and it sort of stuck
23a.Muppet runs in circles chasing its tail and runs into the wall(retard)
24.my friends call me a nerd because I read and write alot :/ b, i t c h e s lol jk I love them!
25.Redvines what the he ll can't they do?
26.Just got over Fred moved on to george(CuPpYcAkEs898 hun hes dead move on!)yup I swapped twins:)
27.I order loads of my clothes from america because i hate wearing the same thing as some on else
28.I pushed another girl out of a photo coz she was wearing the same dress as me when I was 13
29.I am currently waiting for a pair of jeans, a hello kitty cover-up and nerd glasses!
30.I haved name my future kids Dylan, Jade and Delilah
40.I kept three mirrors in my purse a light up one, my sparkly one and one i got from my grandma
41.I cracked up laughing when my friend said at her cheerleadingthey are selling fudge to save up for spankies because I did not know spankies were sparkly bike short things lol
42.I laugh at really perverted stuff
43.I wallpapered my locker
44.I'm not on speaking terms with my older brother
45.On a friday all I eat at school is a piece of lolly cake and apple juice
46.My friends think I'm going anorexic, totally not true I eat heaps when there not around
47.I call my boyfriend Boo cause this bimbo at my old school called her boyfriend that and it was HILAROUS!
48.I changed schools three weeks ago because my mum thought it would be good for me to go to a cathlioc(or however you spell it idc) school and I get into arguments with the reiligous studies teacher every lesson
49.I am athiest and dont care what others think about it
50.Matt's little sister idolizes me
51.turns out Im part irsh and had know clue
52.I hate Justin Bieber (sorry)
53.I Hate Twilight (sorry)
54.I love Joey Richter
55.I got a detention for getting stuck in a tree
56.I am afraid of ants because i watched this thing on animal planet and the ants were working together to eat a crab it was discusting
57.I get sick looking at other peoples blood
58.I faint to much
59.I love the acid trip illusion on youtube it makes everything look like its moving
60.i dont participate in PE I stand in the back of the gym and dance or something
61.My english teacher narked on me for dropping my cellphone and it smashed to pieces
62.I think I have a sleeping disorder coz I sleep during the day and stay up all night i dont think its normal
63.I want to go to uni in australia coz its reallly warm there
64.I love british and americain accents they are smexy as!!!
65.I call my friends Mums mum because I'm kewl like that
66.I've eaten some pretty werid stuff in my life
67.I wear to much amkeup coz im plastic
68.I'm alot nicer than I used to be but im still a total B, it ch
69.I still have the movie ticket from when I went to go see the Deathly Hallows at the midnight premiere
70.Snakes scare me and I have never seen one outside the zoo
71.I'm really really klutzy
72.I accidently brought a pair of those shorts that show waaay to far up your leg and I don't let them touch my other clothes and have never worn them
73.I have two closets
74.I overspend waay to much
75.I have a electric guitar that i cant play
76.My tv in my room is bigger than the one in the lounge cuz i won mine at a fair
77.this morning I couldn't deiced on a nail polish color so I have a different color on each nail right now
78.I dyed Matts hair once lol it was a diaster
79.Food fights are common in my house
80.My bedroom is a mini library
81.I think I might be a nerd:/
82.I get crazed when im drunk everyone said it was hilarous
83.I got my license before my frieds!meaning i won the bet we had going
84.My diary is full oh crudtasic drawings lol
85.Woah that was alot more then i thought it was gonna be.

hmm anyways I dont talk to many people on here so message me if you want bc im boooored and its midnight so no ones awake here it sucks


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