Random Facts About ME. (:

Oh, this is one long list...

Chapter 1


1) I have four names. (two middle)
2)My initals: M T C B
3) My hair is light brown, with natural blonde & red highlights
4) I wish my hair was flaming red.
5) My eyes are super dark brown.
6) My mom says. they will be black soon.
7) I wear glasses.
8) I want braces.
9) I love drawing on my hand, which I get in trouble for. Hehe.
10)I'm afraid of thunder.
11) I'm afraid of storms.
12) I'm afraid off flying things that can sting you.
13) Also afraid of heights.
14) I'm the youngest child.
15) I have an older brother
16) My birthday is April 15th
17) I was born in Nashville, Tennessee.
18) Sadly, still in TN.
19) I can't stand Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, or Katy Perry.
20) I'm quite weird, with my music likings:Pop, rock, screamo (at times), rap, & country.
21)I am going to a Taylor Swift concert on September 16th, 2011.
22) I wanna move to Germany.
23) My all-time favorite band, is TOKIO HOTEL.
24) I'm learning German, currently
25) My height is 5'0
26) My weight is below 120.
27) I like nevershoutnever too
28) & My Chemical Romace.
29) I love to read.
30) I've read the entire Harry Potter series, & Twilight.
31) By the end of 2nd grade, I was on the reading level of "End of fifth grade"
32) My homeroom teachers name is "Ms. Bjorsen"
33) She is engaged.
34) I can't stand my YMCA Director, "Mr. Omar"
35) The first song, I heard from Tokio Hotel was, "Human Connect To Human"
36) First song heard from MCR, "Teenagers"
37) First song for NSN, "Can't Stand It"
38) I love Freddy Krueger, & the nightmare on elm street movies.
39) I'm called the "Beautiful Weirdo"
40) I can't stand Flo, that Progressive overly-happy chic.
41) I love Taco Bell
42) Waffles House, is where I wanna be.
43) Favorite store ever is..... HOT TOPIC.
45) I will, never grow out of Spongebob.
46) I love the ocean.
47) I have been stung by 1 jellyfish, & it got me 8 times.
48) Being a girl... really sucks sometimes.
49)I, am in love with Tom Kaulitz.
50) I have been, since November 14th, 2010, 1am.
51) I know all the 50 US States in ABC order
52) & their capitols.
53) My nailpolish? Black.
54) My hair is currently up.
55) I'm a tomboy, can be girly at times.
57) I love P!nk
58) I have no pets.
59) I want a cat.
60) I want a puppy.
61) My first name is Mackenzie.
62) Currently, wearing a green shirt, with lime green converse, & black pants.
63) I bowl.
64) I hate gym.
65) I love art.
66) I'm pretty sure, the best singer on youtube, is Christina Grimmie. "zeldaxlove64"
67) I have: Facebook, Polyvore, Myspace, Youtube, Weeworld, (don't get on tho) , Twitter, (don't get on) & that's it.
68) Where I live, it's currently 6:47 pm.
69) I love music.
70) Music is life.
71) So are chocolate chip waffles.
72) I love Ashley(:
73) She's my "twin"
74) She's a year, and 7 months older than me.
75) I can't live without her.
76) I have: cell phone, radio player, acer laptop, that new ipod touch, etc.
77) My phone just said, "Charge Complete"
78) My phone is purple.
79) I love blue skies(:
80) I have way too many friends with the letter K: Kaylee, Karli, Kourtney, Kimberly, Kayla, Kara, etc.
81) I'm currently in a poke war.
82) & a "YOYOYOY" War. Don't ask.
83) I find peverted jokes, amazingly funny.
84) I can get away with alot of stuff, at school. Like, having my shirt untucked, & talking.
85) Ich liebe dich so veil. (Maybe.)


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