Someday My......... King Will Come? (A Michael Jackson love story)

Someday My......... King Will Come? (A Michael Jackson love story)

Alright! Dun-dun-dun! This was the mystery story that I wouldn't tell you guys before :D
But then again I know all my little MJ-ers are totally bouncing up and down right now! Well, I'm glad I excite you then :D

This belongs to me, Ivana, and no one else!


By the way, this is my seventh story on Quibblo!

Chapter 1

Preface and other stuff

by: MrsRadke
Name: Haley Bradford (Born: December 14, 1958)
Eyes: Green-ish blue
Hair: Brown
Skin: White, but not pale
Height: 4' 6" (keep in mind that she's almost 10 years old)
Physical: There's not really much to it, she's almost 10 and she's pretty short. Her style is just how it should be for her age; bright and happy.
Personality: She's very optimistic and open on the inside and out. She loves people and thinks everyone deserves at least a chance.
Intrests: People (especially littler kids), Motown, saxophone, collecting rings, singing, dancing, math, reading, writing

Haley was born in San Fransico, CA but she moved to Gary, IN since her mom got a new job offer. Her dad passed away when she was 2. She happened to move into an all African-American neighborhood, 3 houses down from the Jacksons, who are all total strangers to her at the moment. Her mom actually happens to be racist towards black people. Haley isn't, she can't seem to find a problem with them; her mom disliking them so much actually makes Haley want to get to know them better just to prove a point to her mom. Haley resents her moms ways as best as she can. And today she's starting at a new school, hopefully they'll except her.
Let's find out!


She was a little white girl from San Fransico, CA.
He was a little black boy from Gary, IN.
Two completely different people who have never met before in their lives, are about to be changed forever; without either of them realizing it...........


But on the day of September 2nd, 1968; the most fantastic, amazing, magical power will strike them both like a lightning bolt...........


Will it last? Only God knows. Though hopefully the world won't be so judgemental over the only thing we have left that keeps humanity sane. All I know is that time will tell what happens when the journey begins.............


(Tell me what you think! I hope y'all love it!)

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