A Fred Weasley ♥ Story. P4

Dudes, relize it has been a 3 month wait for this story.. I apologize A BILLION times!

Chapter 1

Sorry you viewers/

First, things first, some shout outs before the story:

GeorgeFreakinWeasley- YOU, have waited since January 1ST, For this story, thanks for your patience!

& also to, these following people, for commenting, & put up with the wait generously:


& I have chosen, "A Magical Life" as the story title. Thanks, alot, SpellBinder.

Onto the story now.

The next morning

I woke up, to Hermione shaking me. "Wake up, Alex, up up up!" I heard. I let out a dreadful 'ugh'. "C'mon Alexis! Breakfast starts in 10 minutes." I jumped up. "10 minutes?! That means, it's 7:50, holy crap!" I literaly flung myself out of the bed, putting on some jeans, & Gryffindor t-shirt, then hurridly putting my Gryffindor robes on after. I brushed my hair, braiding it. Then said, "Ready Mione?" "Uh.. Aren't you forgetting something?" "Oh yeah, book bag." I grabbed it. "No..." I laughed, "What?" "SHoes!!" She said. I blushed, hurridly putting on a pair of flats. She patted myback, & we walked down to the Great Hall, finding a seat together. I then, was greeted by Fred. He sat next to me. "Hey Lexi!" He kissed my cheek, & I smiled, puttting some bacon into my mouth. "Hi Fred." I replied back. "You people are so boring." George said, smiling. So, I threw a piece of very-buttered-toast at his face. "Okay, totally un-called for Alexis." He laughed. "So is this." I said, throwing a piece of bacon at him too. "Okay, that's not funny." He said, barely keeping his straight face. I laughed, "Oh George."

Then, breakfast ended, & we got dismissed to classes. "See ya later, guys!" I said waving to, Harry, Ron, & Hermione. "Where are we going?" I asked the twins. "Defense Against The Dark Arts, with Ravenclaws." They said in perfect unison. "Okay, I can deal with the smarty people." I said. They laughed. Again, in unison.

"Now, who can tell me the diffrence between an "Animagus" & "Werewolf." Umbridge squeaked out. (I'm so sorry, forgot the year they were in, so the trio in 5th, these 3 in 7th)

I sighed. "Something wrong, miss?" Umbridge smiled to me. "Yes, actually. We get that same stupid question every year, & by now, I'm pretty sure everyone knows thhe anwser!" I replied. Her grin, shook off. "Now, miss, I ashure you, not everyone knows the anwser to this specific question, shall we take a see?" Everyone, raised their hand to say they knew it. EVERYONE. But, I saw out of the corner of my hand, Umbridge glare at a tiny girl named, 'Claire Duff' , & her hand shot down. "See? Not everyone knows!" She squeaked out again. "Actually, you scared her into taking her hand down." I said, angrily. "How DARE you accuse me of such a thing!" Her face, now pinker than her heels. "I saw it!" She glared. "Did not!" "Did so." "I did NOT." "Did SO." "DENTENTION." She finally pitched out. I sat back in my seat now, "Let's now, continue class, from our ugly little interutputon." I mumbled a unch of cusses at her, hoping she heard them.

Then, the bell rang, & I gladly walked out of that stupid room. I, now had dentention at 5 pm this evening.

4:20 pm

I, was in the common room, angrily doing potions homework. I saw one of the twins sit down next to me. "Rough day, eh?" It was George. "Yes! You sawwhat the old hag did in DADA." He nodded. "Sure did. Fred & I, are sure to slip some puking pastels in her breakfast tomorrow morning. Don't worry." I hugged him. "Thanks, Georg." I laughed, & then quickly scribbled the rest of my potions essay. Soon, the "trio" came down to me, & said, "Heard you got detention with Umbridge." Ron said. "You heard right." I murmured, finishing up the rets of my homework. I looked up, Harry said, "Just.. Be careful, you know what she did to me. If she tells to you to write something, & you have no ink, don't write anything. Refuse." Harry told me. I nodded. "Will do, thanks Harry."

I was now, on my way to Prof. Toad's office. I can't belive I have to sit in her cat office, while listening to her mumbo jumbo.
I then entered the door, to see her evily sipping her nasty tea. "Have a sit, dear." I was utterly grossed.

"Mhm.." I mumbled out, slumping in my chair. "I'm gonna have you write some sentences for me today." I groaned, 'Crap!' I thought. I picked up my OWN quill, but she made me put it down. "I have, a quill for you." She said, giving me a big one. No ink. " I need some ink proffesor." "It's already full of ink." I was about to say something, when she interupted. "That you ccan't see." I pretended to belive it. "Uhm.. I have to use the bathroom." I said. Total lie. "You must write your sentences first, dear." "I NEED to use the bathroom." I remarked, stanidng up. "You must sit down, & start your sentences!" She yelled. "Screw the sentences.!" I said, back running out of the door. Umbridge, she was on my tail.

I got to the fat lady, & Umbridge was about 20 feet behind me. I said the password, really quiet, so she couldn't hear. "Exscuse me?" The Fat Lady asked. "Just let me in!" "Password!" I threw my fist up, threatening to smash the picture. She opened it up, super quick, let me in, & shut super fast. I fell onto the couch. "Lexi! You okay!?" Fred said, sitting next to me. "She tried to make me write sentences, but I made a run for it." I explained. "That filithy old HAG." He said. Then, the door opened, a pink dress appearing. "Now, I WILL have order." A voice too familar, squeaked....



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