It was a dream come true. Yellowstone National Park! I was going there for summer vacation! I could see real wolves in real action! Never did I dream that I would meet one in the wild.
Never did I dream it would change my life forever.
There was no bite. There was no blood. Yet somehow I still became one.
A werewolf.
And I can't control it.
The beast kills on its own free will. I can't stop it. Yet I have to do something to stop all these deaths. But what?
Maybe mine is the only solution.

Chapter 19


Katie, I know that you're reading this now. After all, you've basically just read everything that happened to me while I was a werewolf. Not an easy life, right? Anyway, I dedicated all of this to you. You were the first one who knew about who - what - I really was. This is what happened to me. And know, just please know that no matter what they say, no matter what happens or what you may think, that this wasn't your fault. It never was.

I guess this is good-bye. Happy birthday, Katie.

Yours forever, Luke.


This is Katie now, guys. If you managed to stick with Luke throughout his life as a werewolf, I can't thank you enough. I just wish I would have been there for him. i could have, but I wasn't, and that was because I was afraid. I was afraid of might happen to me, to him, to everyone else around us. If you didn't get the last part of Luke's story, he was saying happy birthday to me - on the day he died. That's right. The most bittersweet day of my life. Bitter because he died on his own free will on my day of birth. Sweet because I knew that from the depths of his heart that he really loved me. That's why he did what he did. He didn't want to hurt anyone anymore. I'll honor him for that forever and ever. But this is my message out there to you: Never be afraid of yourself. Never be afraid to say what you need to say. I was too scared of what might happen if I said it once I learned that Luke was a werewolf. He could have killed me, for all I know. So please, if you read this story, the story of the world's most human werewolf, then do me a favor and never hide what you need to say. I did. And look where I am now.

You never know what you have until it's really gone. So please, for me, for yourself, for anyone else out there that you love and care about, don't wait for it to be too late.

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