My little brother let's just say made me made a I got in trouble for what he did so now I am righting my emotions out. I hope you like it PLEASE COMMET.

Chapter 1


My anger is like the icy cold wind that blows over the earth.
Hitting trees ripping roof tops off homes.
Like an icicle that has melted and is falling fast shattering on the ground with a bang.
The snow poring down.
Cars slipping on ice, colliding and crashing into each other.
Like a furious fire that has been struck with lighting fluid.
The negative energy keeps building as they keep spraying me.
Aggravated and annoyed with the burst of anger.
Screaming out of the fireplace.
I burn all that is around me.
Charcoal, ash, and the old fireplace, is the only thing that still stands.
Of what was once there.


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