Hayley Capello's life at Hogwarts

Hayley Capello knew she wasnt normal. She was able to see things before they happened. Now she is going into her 4th year at Hogwarts and things are about to change..... BIG TIME. (Capello is Italian for trickster, as you can tell she is a trickster and hangs out with Fred, George and Lee even though she is two years younger then them and in the same year as Harry, Hermione and Ron. She and her sister Clara are blonde, short and have green eyes)

Chapter 3

What just happened?

( the pic is sort of what Hayley looks like same goes for her sister Clara)
A few weeks went by already and we had filled it with quidditch games and swimming. About a week into July, I had another one of my visions. I woke up too ealry to see the whole thing. Me, Ginny and Clara went downstairs after getting dressed to eat breakfast.
" Ah, Hayley," said Mr. Weasley,"I will be coming home a little earlier from work so, in the shed there are two radios, if you can find them, you can finally show me how the work. For work use of course," he added after Mrs. Weasley gave him a sternful look. Everyone laughed.
" Of course. But where is the shed? " I asked
" I'll show you," George exclaimed almost immediately.
" Ok, when were done eating we should go."
Mr. Weasley left for work about 20 minutes later. When me and George were done eating we went outside. We went out to the shed and walked inside.
" Do you want any help?" he asked.
" Sure that would be great! How about you look over there," I said as I pointed to the left side of the shed," and I'll look over here."
After about half an hour George exclaimed " I found one!"
I turned around to face the direction his voice came from only to find the other radio." And I just found the other one," I said laughing a little." Come on lets get these inside." I said as i walked toward the door.
" Hey watch out for the-" George said but too late I tripped over the tool box lying on the floor. I had closed my eyes bracing myself for the fall, but nothing came. I opened my eyes only to see that I had landed in none other than Georges arms.
I looked up at him," Than-," I began to say but I was cut off by George kissing me for what had felt like two seconds. He pulled away and looked at me a small smile forming on his face. Until he saw my face that is. I was at shock and i knew that my face showed it. I had always had a small crush on him but it grew after that.
" I-I-I'm-I'm- sorry," he said as he slowly backed away. But before long he was bolting for the door.
" George," I said in a almost inaudble whisper," George, George" my voice now getting louder and louder,"GEORGE!" I yelled as he left the shed. I ran out and saw him just making it inside.
I ran inside and up to Ginny's room leaving the radios on the counter in the kitchen. I layed down on my bed and stayed there crying silently into my pillow, until....................

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