Hayley Capello's life at Hogwarts

Hayley Capello knew she wasnt normal. She was able to see things before they happened. Now she is going into her 4th year at Hogwarts and things are about to change..... BIG TIME. (Capello is Italian for trickster, as you can tell she is a trickster and hangs out with Fred, George and Lee even though she is two years younger then them and in the same year as Harry, Hermione and Ron. She and her sister Clara are blonde, short and have green eyes)

Chapter 48

What Now?

She was gone. Just like that she was gone. I loved her. My question was never asked and would never be answered. I loved her more than anything.
I had watched her take her las breath. Clara had had finally found the strengthening solution just as she took her last breath.
"She's- go-gone." Clara sobbed.
Fred knelt next to me, crying silently. "We'll all miss her George. She was one of the greatest pranksters I knew. She was so brave. I wouldnt be here without her." I smiled slightly. Thats why I loved her. She was so brave. So funny.
I held her lifeless body closer. I saw my family around me; watching me. I was crying and the tears fell onto her.
"Hayley why did you have to leave be?" I asked in her ear.
Fred tried to get me to release her but I wouldnt. "George you have to let her go."
"I-I- cant. I love her."
"We know that."

I didnt feel any pain anymore. It was all gone. I suddenly found myself looking at the Great Hall. What was going on?
I saw myself in George's arms. He was crying. I couldnt hear anything though. I went near him and put my hand on his shoulder. I didnt feel his warmth. It was gone. Most likely since the dead cant feel anyhting.
I saw my body. My left sleeve was torn and my arm looked useless. My pants had holes in the knees when I skidded earlier. I was covered in dust, dirt and blood. My eyes were closed as I slept. I pushed up on my leg to get up but felt a different sensation.
I could feel air in my lungs. The pain in my body especially my arm. I could feel hot tears falling onto my face and neck. My head was rested on something soft. A shoulder. George's shoulder. I was alive.
I felt no stronger than I did before I "died". I opened my eyes. He didnt see as his eyes were obscured by tears. Everyone else seemed to notice though. I heard some of the sobs subside.
I slowly brought my hand to George's cheek. "I hate it when you cry." His tears stopped. His sobs subsided.
"Hayley? How- you were--" I cut him off with a kiss. When we pulled apart he hugged me tightly; afraid of letting go. I grimaced from the pain in my arm. He let go.
"Whats wrong?" I pointed to my arm.
"I forgot about her arm. She was knocked out of a tree earlier." Harry said.
"I saved you Hayley!" Clara said shocked. "I found it just in time." Madam Pomfrey came over, McGonagall at her heels.
"Ms.Capello!" McGongall said.
"Whats wrong with her?" Madam Pomfrey asked. Clara pointed out my arm and the weakness and fatigue caused by being tortured.
"Well we'll need to remove her jacket." George sat me up and carefully took my arm out of the sleeve. Madam Pomfrey rolled up my ripped shirt and started treating my arm. She stopped the cut from bleeding and fixed the bone. My arm didnt hurt any more. It wasnt broken either. She gave me another potion and went to help other people.
Harry, Ron and Hermione went outside and talked. I laid down on the cot. George was holding my right hand and talking to me. Saying how he loved me and was glad I was alright.
I was alive. The world was normal again.

(or maybe not. I want to write a sequel. What happens after she nearly dies. I need 5 yes's to this and I will)

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