Blood and Fire (part 7?) (Draco Malfoy)

sorry my com died so i have to wing it. I really am sorry I didn't write. Nut im thinking of doing something fun for the people that actually do read this. If you have any ideas plz comment, message, i really dont care!

Chapter 1

Cheating, Backstabbing, and.... Cats?!

"What? Oh I dont know. It just came out. Why?"

"Because I dont approve. You cant call other guys those names." I glared at that.

"First of all, When i said that we were not dating. Second u cant tell me what i can or cannot do Mr. Malfoy." He glared back. I tried to stay angry at him but i couldnt help but stare at his face, his lips.. I leaned in and kissed him. Meaning for it to be small but he trapped his hand in my hair and pulled me closer.

I broke it off. "Behave. Malfoy. And dont tell me what to do." I smirked

"Whatever you say. And i'm Malfoy now?" I pretended to think about it.

"Until you prove to me you're more than just a Malfoy." I laughed and walked around. "Ok, leave." He looked taken aback.


"You heard me. You have to go before someone catches you in here." He gave me a look that said he wasn't going. "I could turn into a panther and make you leave." I raised my eyebrow. I can turn into 4 animals but there all spotted with purple. A panther was really useful i also turned into a tiger, snake, and a house cat. Harry thinks the house cat is because i can be sweet. Yeah right.

Draco smiled "I'll go.. If u come with me." I shrugged and told him i'd meet him there.

Once in his room he grabbed my waist and buried his head in my shoulder. After and few minutes of exploring his room there was a knock. He told me to forget it but it came again. I heard a voice not easily forgettable. It was pansy but there was also another voice..

He told me to hide but when i changed it was a panther. I stopped myself from growling and changed back. Draco kissed my forehead and told me to try again I turned into a house cat and purred. He lifted me up and put me on his bed reaching the door..

Pansy and Hermione were at the door. Hermione didn't look to happy about standing next to pansy but didn't look how i thought she would. My mind told me she was just looking for me but she suddenly kissed Draco on the cheek. What?!

Draco walked out of the room closing the door behind him. I changed and opened the door just a crack. I saw Draco kissing Hermione! Pansy had apparently found something else more important and left. I felt tears sting my eyes and i looked out his window. It was a pretty high drop. I heard the knob turn and I had no intention of seeing Draco again. My mind blanked for a split second and something told me it would be ok to jump. I took a deep breath and jumped off the window sill.

I felt the air rush around me and opened my eyes. I was.. flying?! I looked at my slick black wings. I'm a raven?! I felt a surge of joy at discovering this.. As soon as i came to my room and landed on my bed and locked the door. I don't care if hermione cant get in. I started to cry. I fell asleep..

In the morning I woke to sun in my red streaked face. I looked at my calendar thankful for saturdays. I dressed in my cut off jeans and a baby tee. I zipped up my boots. I knew i would get looks from the boys with this. I found harry but no hermione. We all got on the train to hogsmead. I broke away from them to shop for a new outfit and spotted Draco in the store across the way. I ran to the store i was looking for and hid away from the windows.

I felt at ease when he left the store across from me and headed in another direction. I found several outfits and bought them and went to look for harry. He was with Ron and Hermione so I went to the twins shop instead. They grabbed me and almost squished the blood out of me. When it was time to go I found an empty compartment and took out my ipod. I loved that I was the only one in school who had one or even heard of one. There was a tap at the door and I looked to see Blaise. He came in and sat next to me.

"So.. I heard that you were dating Draco." He started seeming to blush

"No im not. We were for like a couple hours but I'm breaking it off."

"Oh well he sent me to come get you..."

"Please tell him I dont want to talk to him."


I smiled at him and he left. I got off the train and went up to my dorm. Hermione was there and I pretending not to notice. I sat the bag of clothes by my bed and laid down. She tapped my shoulder looking down at me smiling I heard her talking through the music in my headphones. I paused the song and caught the rest of her sentence.

".. So what were you doing today?"

I put on my best smile and said "I shopped"

"What did you get?"

"I have a better question. Why didn't you tell me you were dating Dra- Malfoy?"


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