who will you marry?(part 61)

Chapter 1

Training with shane 2

You come into a clearing and shane this is as good spot as any to do your training, now close your eyes and repeat after me, the power of my guardian I accept, from my mind I release my guardian dawn. With this power I promise to protect the weak and only words of truth shall I speak, and above all I shall strive to keep peace. As you speak the words you begin to feel a tingling and warmth that starts at your feet and seems to envelope you completely. Opening your eyes you see dawn in all her glory as her smooth bright yellow scales glitter in the sun making her look like a sun herself. You watch in amazement as she flexed her wings stretching them to the sky, you might want to close your
ears shane warns as dawn opens her mouth and roars loudly making the whole earth shake.

Can u be any louder dawn?, I dnt think the rest of tarragon heard you, you growl as your continue to ring from the sound of her roaring. Of course I can she says I can be as loud as you want. That was a rhetorical question you say rolling your eyes at her as she turns around bringing her huge head within inches of your face. What exactly is rhetorical question? She says, a question even the great dawn doesn’t know I got to mark this on the calendar you laugh. She sniffs sarcastically saying not all of us can be as bright you immortal seem to be with ur questions without answers. Shane steps between you and dawn saying if you two lovebirds are quite finished can we get on with the training. Of course we can shane, you say to him but not before childishly sticking your tongue out at dawn. Indeed sir Shawn I know how to be the bigger creature.

Anyway as I was saying dragon riders were the peace keepers of old and they did everything from healing wounds of simple peasants to defending their lands against the greatest of evil. He hands you a book saying that it will goes into more detail on what dragon riders did and also chronicles the life of the late great eragon, who incidentally is my great great great great grandfather he says proudly. But I digress let us get to the more practical part of dragon riding, turning to dawn he says may have three of your scales of course she says scratching with herself with a back claw till 3 of them fall to ground. Picking them up carefully he stows them away saying that they will be used for somthing more important later,as he shows you a blade of grass before using the scale to cut the grass as if it were butter saying whatever you do never ever ride ur dragon without a saddle or what happened to the grass will happen to your skin, understood?

You nod in acceptance as he waves his hand and huge saddle that looks like the kind that you put on horses but way bigger, you got to teach me how u do that you smirk up at him, Of course I will but it will cost u he says sensually coming close to you whispering in your ear, as his eyes and yours meet and you felt a jolt, not only because his almond eyes were gorgeous, but also because his eyes crinkled when he smiled in a combination of recognition and true interest.

The way he said those words, as if a promise of things to come, and u felt a feeling u had felt in a while as he came around behind gently adjusting your hands teaching you how to put the saddle on dawn. He had walked around to the other side of dawn making sure the saddle was on tight enough. As you realized what that feeling that u had was, u were falling for him. He was tall and lanky he had a tapered chin that led to small but full lips and high cheek bones that made him look so regal and graceful. As you look at his pointy elevish ears that were almost hidden by his longish hair, and you imagined tracing his ears with ur fingers, before moving down his smooth chest….

Ahem you hear him say, you begin to blush trying to get hold of your hormones as you think, my god im becoming almost as bad as Anthony, as he beckon to you with his slender fingers in a come hither motion as he says smirking, now its time for you to learn how to ride, as he grabs the top of the saddle swinging his other leg across the saddle like a pro. Before holding out his hand to you with you take it and he pulls you up upon saddle behind him. Your heart begins to beat fast as you realize how far you are off the ground, instinctively you scoot closer to him. It okay, you him whisper gently his voice tries to sooth your nerves he gently rubs up and down your leg, closing your eyes you hold on to him around the waist and you feel him give the signal to dawn to take to the air, you can open your eyes now he murmurs, everything looks so much smaller, but it gives u the feeling of invincibility as the wind blows through your hair, as she(dawn) dives down low before rising once more gliding on the air currents. Wow this is amazing, you say breathlessly holding ur arms out to the side feeling the sensation of flying.

So where are we off to? you say to shane We are going to visit an old friend, as he instructs dawn to land on a cliff which she does none to smoothly. he helps down from the saddle gently grabbing you around the waist before setting you on the ground. There a huge cavern that looked like it could fit 2 or 3 castles inside of it, it was pitch black and it smelled of sulpher and fire. Come with me he says as he takes your hand in his, you both walk into the cavern as he calls forth a ball of light that bobs in front of both of you.

Motioning for you to stop you feel the earth shake around you, taking a breath the smell of sulpher becomes stronger and you hear the sound of heavy breathing. Shane points to an area smiling and you realize that your looking at a dragon that is 3 times bigger than dawn,ashanti stop!! you hear shane say but fear overwhelmed you as you without thinking ran out of the cavern to where dawn was. Hiding behind dawn you look at the cavern, breathing hard. What happened? dawn said curiously, there a dragon in there u say breathlessly as you hear something coming out of the cavern don’t worry I wont let anything happen to you dawn says.


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