who will you marry?(part 60)

This story is for all the shane, the elf prince lovers

Chapter 1

Training with shane

It been a week since you arrived back home your heart is slow to mend as you cant help but think of him(Dante), how could you have been so foolish as to ever think that he could’ve felt the same way that you felt about him. Look here, you have to stop beating yourself up like this, dawn says to you. Why? You say miserably, in a motherly voice she says you have 5 guys that would give the world if you asked, but yet your mopping over the one that doesn’t even want you. You don’t understand dawn, I saw it in his eyes, I felt it in touch. That maybe but you have to realize that you cant stay here mopping all day or have you forgot all the people depending on you. And besides you have training to concentrate on. Right, you think as you push though feelings away trying to concentrate on what needs to be done. getting dressed quickly, putting a smile on you hurry down stairs where shane is waiting for you patiently ready to go? Yea lets go, he smiles at you slightly saying im glad your enthusiastic your going to need the energy for our training today. he takes your hand as you leave the house thinking of all the training your going to go through today. So shane, you say casually it must be nice being prince, being able to do what ever you want to do. Making all the rules. He chuckles lightly his voice sounding like the whisper of the wind between the trees as he says if only were only so easy, as he pauses grabbing an apple from the tree and wipes it off on his shirt. What do mean? you say, tilting your head slightly doesn’t ruling involve telling others what to do.

In a way yes, for example if you see a family starving in your kingdom what do you do? Holding out the apple toward you, obviously you give them food. You say grabbing at the apple only to have him pull back playfully. I could do that he says smirking, but give a man a fish and you feed him for the day but teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time. So, what do you give them a job? You say trying to decide what the solution to the problem is and how to get him to give u that apple.

So tell me what you do? Watching him carefully deciding how your going to get that apple. Well, he says you first call attention to the problem switching the apple to his other hand. Then you ask people to help them through their taxes, which can be tricky cause you give too little assistance and the starving doubts your willingness to help holding the apple up to the sky, and give too much your people begin to wonder if that family is truly worth the money that your giving them. Breaking the apple in half , giving you half saying so you see its all about balancing what your people need with what they want. And sometime making the decisions no one wants to make

Cuz you must realize that with power comes responsibility and it means that every decision you make will ultimately affect your kingdom in one way or another, but ive lectured enough he says finishing his apple in a couple of bites and besides it time to release your guardian.


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