Crazier (Harry Potter Fanfiction)

This is an entry for Artemis101's contest. It is a Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley fanfiction, based on the song Crazier by Taylor Swift.

Chapter 3


You lift my feet off the ground and
Spin me around
You make me crazier, crazier
Feels like I'm falling and
I'm lost in your eyes
You make me crazier,
Crazier, crazier.

“What?” I stutter, as Ginny pushes me into the room, closing the door silently behind us. She looks around, nodding her head.
“Just like I wanted,” Ginny says to herself, moving closer to me.
I try to form a sentence in my head, opening my mouth like a goldfish looking for food, but before I can say a word, I feel something smooth against my lips. It’s Ginny’s mouth, her lips soft against mine.
I overcome my shock and close my eyes, dizzily, trying to remember how to breathe. Fireworks begin to erupt in my head. It’s exactly as they describe it- a wonderful sensation, with the one you love the most. In my head, a dazzling show presents itself, bright colours erupting everywhere. Flashes of lights, confetti flying everywhere, taking over my mind.
Oh no, I think, I’m going crazy. But even though this though roams through the firework show, I just can’t help myself, and the light grows brighter and more vibrant. I don’t want to stop- I can’t stop.
“Harry” Ginny mumbles pulling back, her eyes still closed. I breath heavily, wondering if Ginny had felt the same amazing sensation as I had.
“Do I make you mad?” She asks, her red lips moving to form the words.
I feel surprised by her question, “Mad about what, Ginny?”
How could I be mad at the person who I love- unconditionally.
“Mad about love?” Ginny’s eyes are still closed, her eyelids slightly fluttering as she asks the question.
“Oh,” I stutter, feeling stupid that I hadn’t realised what she had meant the first time, “Mad isn’t really the right word for what I feel about you.”
“What?” Ginny’s shouts, appalled, her eyes snapping open. “What do you feel about me then? Do you feel I’m a dummy? Something free for use?”
I step backwards, scared, but Ginny takes it as a confirmation. Was there something about my voice that said that what I felt for Ginny was less than mad, because really, it is way more than that.
“No! Ginny- wait!” But Ginny is already running out through the door, tear tracks already running down her beautiful face.
I sit down on the sofa, feeling resigned. I have a sudden thought- What was the sofa for? Ginny had obviously wished for a reason. But I try and cast the verdict from my head, as I reach a conclusion.
I continue to stare at the foor, hopelessly for another 5 minutes, until I make myself get up, telling myself that I’ll feel better if I tell Ginny what I was really going to say. I push myself off the sofa and head back into the war zone.

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