Slave for the Gods

Slave for the Gods

ok so this in in Greece. Main character's name is Aldara; she's 15. Things aren't good for Aldara till her trail to become known as something more than a slave. Hades starts to make things twist and she will become a pawn in his master plan. Will someone try to save her? Or will Aldara be left to fight for her own? Find out!

Chapter 1


Ok so I'm Aldara and I've lived with the gods since I was born. My mother named me Aldara which means a winged gift. I have brown hair and green eyes. I'm a demigod, my mother was human and my father was Hermes. Father hasn't acknowledged that I'm his daughter up here sadly. I'm one of the only demigods on Mount Olympus, other than that every other kid is a god child.
Since my father doesn't acknowledge that I'm his kid, Zeus has made me a slave for them. It's not terrible, but still it kind of sucks.
This morning I had to clean the pegasus stables and prepare the morning meal for them. What made it worse is that Adrian scared the pegasus and now I have bruises on my arm. After I took a shower I headed for school. Its not that bad if you don't care for being treated like crap.
"Hey! Aldara! Wait up!" I stopped in my tracks and looked back. My friend Adriana was running in her short dress and knee high sandals.
"Adriana, why are you dressed like Aphrodite?" I sighed and looked down and my clothes. I had a tatered dress and pretty worn shoes.
"Um hello? I'm her daughter, shouldn't I dress like this?" She replied panting. "Anyways, I don't see your daddy getting you anything for you." She smirked.
I sighed and kept walking. It's true, my dad hasn't gotten anything for me. It's my birthday and I just turned fifteen. "Sorry, I-I just had a bad morning." I tear rolled down my cheek.
"Adrian bother you again?" I nodded. "Don't worry k? Hey, I got ya something for your birthday." She walked next to me and gave me a box. "Thought you could use this."
I opened the box and saw a new pair of sandals. "Oh my god! Thanks Adriana!" I ripped my worn old shoes off and put the new ones on. They fit perfectly.
She smiled. "No prob. Now c'mon lets go before we're late." We ran to the school quickly. I put my bag in my section and stood to admire my shoes. They were brown and went up a little past my ankles.
Few others gave me some jewelry and some tools to help me with my chores. I saw Ezio walk by and I felt butterflies. It ended when he walked to Callia and kissed her. I forgot they were going out. I sighed and started walking to my class. Ezio was not only Apollo's son, he was an amazing athlete. His blue eyes complemented on his long blond hair.
I sat in the back of the room and looked out the window. Fifteenth birthday and my father still doesn't think I exist. Ezio was assigned to sit next to me because of his make out session with Callia. "Happy birthday Aldara." He smiled.
"Thanks." I sighed.
"Whats up?" I felt his blue eyes burning a hole in my brain.
"Same thing like every birthday."
"C'mon its not that bad." He tried to comfort me.
"Try being in my shoes for a day Ezio. At least your dad loves you." I glared at him with tears in my eyes.
He seemed shocked. "Oh, I-I thought it was s-something else." He frowned and looked down. "I forgot that your..." I got up and walked to the front of the room and sat there.
A man with brown hair and a very dashing smile walked in and sat at the teacher's desk. "Were's our normal teacher?" A student asked.
"She's sick and I told her I would fill in for her today." He said. His voice sounded so familiar, but so different. He was in a toga and looked around. "So I hear one of you has a birthday, who is it?"
Everyone pointed to me and I sank in my seat embarrassed. "Aldara does sir." Callia smirked. Little blond b**ch. If it wasn't for the fact that she's Adriana's sister I would punch the crap out of her.
"Aldara, come up here." He said cooly. I sighed and walked to the front of the room.
"Y-yes sir?" I stuttered.
"Who are your parents? Why do you have tattered clothes?" He was curious, just like every temporary teacher.
"I'm a demigod sir. I'm also a slave because my father left me when I was a child." I looked down at the ground. "My mother died after she gave birth to me."
He frowned then lifted my chin up with his finger and inspected me.
"Aldara, happy birthday...." He stared into my eyes. "daughter." TBC

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