Judging A Book By it's cover [A Jason McCann Love Story] Chapter 9[Read Intro]

Some stuff gets reveiled.
I haven't really had anytimefor Quibblo so i took some time and typed all of this. There still might be so errors but i hope you like.

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Chapter 1

Chapter 9

by: ImBack_
Kendra’s POV:
“Kiss me.” He whispered. He began to lean in.

Pull away. I thought to myself. I was about to but…it was too late. Our lips touched sending a chill down my back.. As if automatic my arms wrapped around his neck, and his grip on me tighten. The kiss was so different from him. It was gentle and sweet. Something I can’t see Jason being. We pulled back.

“Uhhh.” I said a bit dazed. He was just as surprised as I was. I mean I knew I had to kiss him but, who knew it would give me this feeling.

“O-o-On to the next scene.” I said looking down at my script. I heard him chuckle and Just realized his arms were still arm me.

How did I not notice that? He dropped his arms and backed up a step. Though there was a new expression on his face. I couldn’t read it though.

“So…uhh...Now what?” I asked. He shrugged.

The rest of the week was fun…
Jason and I were becoming friends. Rhina clearly didn’t like it.
We seemed to be skipping the kiss scene. When it came to Friday, Jason was acting weird.

“Jason, are you okay?” I asked as we sat on the couch. He nodded and took a seat on the couch beside me.
He didn’t look good. He looked worried.

“Yeah, I’m fine….let’s do the scene and get it over with.” He hissed. I looked at him a bit surprised but didn’t say anything.

Jason’s POV:
I can’t believe this is happening. I’m nervous? Around a girl? I sucked in a deep breath and said my lines when it came to that one part.
I hate myself right now. I’m not supposed to like her one bit. She leaned in close as if we were going to kiss, like had been doing for the past week. I began to pull back a bit hesitating.
I hate this feeling she gives me. I told Alex about this and he laughed and said, “Someone’s got a crush on the cop’s daughter.”

I chuckled at the thought and completely pulled away from her.

“Do you want something to eat?” she asked. I shook my head no. She shrugged and looked towards the TV than at me.

“Want to watch 1000 ways to die?” She asked a smirk coming onto her face.
I laughed and nodded. She switched on the Tv, and started flipping through the channels till she came to spike.

She leaned back in the chair as the next death came up. She had her eyes glued on the Tv, and I had my eyes glued on her. My eyes moved back to the TV screen and stayed there for a while.
When I looked back down she was asleep.

“D.a.m.n.” I whispered. Just as I said that she tossed over having her head fall on my shoulder. I stayed still for a second until her arms got wrapped around me. Her head moved to my chest. So I had Kendra, asleep and arms wrapped around me with her head on my chest.
I hesitated not sure if it would be right. I put a hand on her back and soon found myself playing with her hair. Known this girl for little less than 2 weeks…and this is happening.

I felt my eyes slowly closing, getting heavier. I soon fell into a deep sleep.

It was me in a room tied up. The room had one door and no windows. It seemed dark due to the walls being painted black. I struggled.

“Hello!” I shouted. There was a strange silence before the door swung open showing to men that looked familiar.

“Eric? Alex?” I asked confused. They han a person with them. A girl. I couldn’t see her face well.

“I warned you Jason…” Eric said before pushing the girl in front of me. It was Kendra, she was crying…well more like sobbing.

“Jason…” She whispered about to hug me when Alex pulled her back.

“Why are you doing this!” I shouted.

Alex smirked and pulled something out of his back pocket. A gun. I heard Kendra begin to whimper at the sight of it.

“Here’s what’s going to happen.” Eric said, “Either…You’re going to shoot her..”

He had Alex point the gun at Kendra.” Kendra sobs became louder.

“Or..she shoots you.” Kendra stared at Eric with a face of mercy.

“I’ll die.” She said quickly.

“NO!” I yelled back, “I will.”

“NO! I WILL! Give me the gun.”

I could feel the tears building in my eyes. No...5 months together and we end this way? I don’t like it.


“JASON!” She cut me off as the tears fell down her face; her voice dropped to a whisper, “I’ll die it’s okay..”

Alex handed her the gun and left the room with Eric.

“Kendra!” I exclaimed as she walked over to me smiling, though tears were still falling down her cheek.

“You don’t have to die! I’ll die.” I whispered to her. She pressed her lips to mine, and pulled away.

“I’d rather die….than live in this world knowing you’re not in it.” I shook my head quickly.

“Kendra! Kendra! Kendra!” I yelped, “KENDRA! NO!!” She wasn’t listening to me and I couldn’t get loose of the chair.

“KENDRA! DON’T PLEASE!” Tears began falling down my cheek. She pulled the guy up to her head, and mouthed “Bye Jason!” Before pulling the trigger.

--End of dream---
I woke up at that moment to see that it was…morning.

“Sh.i.t..” I whispered. Kendra was still asleep on me, looking at her only brought me back to the dream. What was about? I don’t even understand the message in that dream.
I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and closed my eyes again pretending to be asleep.

“Awww look at those two.” I heard a female voice said. I’m guessing her mother.

“Yeah…..” Another female voice said. Her sister? I wasn’t sure.

“She really likes him you know? She keeps asking questions about him, and stuff.” Her mother said.

“Great.” The other person said with more of a sarcastic tone.
I heard footsteps leaving the room. My eyes fluttered opened, to see Rhina.

“OH.” I said jumping a bit. It didn’t wake Kendra though.
Rhina placed her hands on her hips and glared at me.

“What?” I asked harshly. She shook her head, and looked up at the ceiling for a second before turning to me.

“What the h--ll do you think you’re doing, thought I made it clear to you to stay away from Kendra.”

I snickered and shook my head, “What the f.v.c.k are you going to do about it?” I throw back. She crossed her arms and leaned against the wall.

“Does she know?” I asked after an uncomfortable silence crept on us. Rhina sucked her teeth and shook her head, seeming deep into thought.

“I really am sorry.” I said without a bit of kindness in my voice.

“Like that changes anything?” She replied.

I raised an eyebrow at her and scowled, “It’s not my fault you’re too much of a bi-tch to forgive me!”

“You killed my father.” She nearly yelled, “How is sorry suppose to fix that?”
She paused for a second as tears rolled down her face.

“Oh.” She said after a second, “Let’s not forget that you r.a.p.e.d me.” She crossed her arms and glared.

“I don’t know what you have planned for Kendra...but stop thinking about it, or are you going to kill her father too?” The sarcastic tone at the end seemed to come off as serious too.

I opened my mouth to cuss at her but I heard groaning coming from Kendra as she picked up her head, and her eyes slowly fluttered open.

“Rhina?” She said confused. Rhina swiftly wiped her tears before Kendra could notice.

“Oh…Yeah we were supposed to go to the mall right?” Kendra said. She paused and looked at me, than looked at Rhina.

“What happened?” She asked confused.

“Nothing.” I answered for Rhina, “I’ll just talk to you tomorrow?” I stood up from the couch and she nodded giving me a warm smile.
I smiled back and peered at Rhina was clearly shocked at what was going on.

She walked to the door with me, “Bye Jason.” It had a flirt-ish tone to it.

I should say good bye in a way. I stretched my arms out and she seemed confused for a second before hugging me back. It wasn’t a tight hug. It was just a hug. Though there was something in the action.


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