In die Nacht, regnet es. {A Sirius Black Love Story}

The title means 'In the Night it rains' in German.
I'm having sooo much fun with this story right now. It's just for fun, for me, and it's incredibly fun! So, rate, favorite and enjoy! Add me as a friend, if you don't have me, so you can get the alerts when I write a new chapter!

Chapter 1

Year One

Stepping nervously onto the train, I gripped the handle hard. Waves of people pushed passed me as I barely noticed them. Maybe somebody spoke to me. Who knows? This, I thought numbly, this is the first train ride. Older students smiled, laughed, as they walked passed me. Some, I think, even gripped me on the shoulder and said something like “it’ll be okay.” I’m probably making this a big deal, but, it is something so great. I was going to Hogwarts. At the time I felt so self-conscious. My pants looked baggy on me, and they were the smallest ones they had. Unlike a lot of skinny girls, my arms weren’t just sticks; that’s what made my body so awkward, too. I had a sky blue T-shirt on, that was obviously way too big, because I had to tie it behind my back. Gripping on to my books with a death grip, I swallowed. The train whistled several times, and I gave up attempting to look for an empty seat. So, turning to the nearest cabin, I knocked on the window and stuck my head in.
“H-hey,” I whispered to the three boys inside. “D-do you mind if I sit here?” All three looked up, smiled and then nodded.
“Of course,” one said. He had shaggy black hair, green eyes and a devilish smile. His jeans were a dark blue and his black, long sleeve sweater had a white t-shirt underneath and still looked too big. “I’m James. James Potter.”
“Remus,” another said. His hair was short, messy and brown. He had glasses that sat on the brink of his noise and wore all fancy clothes. It looked like his mum had dressed him.
I looked to the last one, who sat by himself on the left. His black hair covered his ears, but parted nicely down the middle of his head. He had a sturdy structure and an independent nature. He was wearing black pants, not really dress pants, but fancy, and a black sweater. When his eyes meet mine, a warm, soothing energy washed over my body. I couldn’t help but to smile as my heart fluttered ten times the speed of a normal beat. “Sirius Black. And you are?”
I carefully pushed my thin, long black hair beneath my ears. “I’m Tallamera,” I croaked. Frowning I plumped down in a seat and dropped my bag in front of me. “I’m a First year. Are you guys?”
“Definitely,” said James. “I’m so excited. I heard Dumbledore is an amazing headmaster.” His bright green eyes looked to me, then to Sirius.
“What did you guys’ do when you found out you were accepted?” Remus asked suddenly.
“Partied,” said James, quickly followed by bursts of laughter. Including me. My surge of nausea and nervousness started to fade away.
“I agree,” said Remus. “I couldn’t, and still can’t, stop talking about it. My life is now complete.” He added a goofy smile, causing us all to laugh again.
“Well, I nearly fainted,” I said. “My parents went there. So they knew I’d get it. But, I still had my doubts.” They all looked at me, me and my straight face. Struggling not to laugh or smile, I said in a quiet voice, “Then, well, I partied.” They laughed once yet again. We all turned to Sirius, waiting upon a response.
“I didn’t party, for one thing,” he said. “My parents, well, let’s just say they weren’t too happy on me getting ‘accepted.’ But, I’m here. I celebrated a bit on my own, by doing some family damage before I left.” We all stared at him, shocked. But, all he did was smile. “No harm done. They expect it from me.”
Silence stole our tongues. I was the first one to get mine back. “Uhm, what did you guys do over summer?” I asked. Sirius flashed a surprised look to me. I tried not to look at him, gaping over him, but I was completely aware of his being. Every time he moved, I knew. I’ve never felt like that towards a person before, and I doubt I would ever again. There was something about Sirius that set me teetering off balance.
“I went swimming,” Remus said quietly, “A lot. I practically lived in the water.”
“Yeah, that’s nice and all,” James teased. “But, I, well, I spent most of my time in the Wizard world. Watching kick butt Quiddich games, shopping for supplies for my parents, for me. It was a pretty…magical summer.” As he started bursting into laughter, Remus, Sirius and I just smiled.
“Oh come on!” he panted. “I think that was pretty good.” I rolled my eyes.
“You’re a tease,” I said lightly, but still smiling.
“Then I’m a pretty good tease,” he said, putting his arms behind his head. I turned away from James and looked at Sirius.
“What did you do?” I asked softly.
“I don’t think you’d want to know.”
I looked at him shocked. “Who are you? Why do are you so…vague?” I asked in a quieter voice. Remus and James started talking over us. Sirius looked to me, his green eyes alert and put his soft lips to my ear and whispered, “I come from a long family line of trouble. And I knew that from when I was young enough to recite my first spell. I, on the other hand, wish to break that. Snap it right in half.” He pulled away and looked to James and Remus who were smiling.
“Jeez, you two just met and you’re already pulling some moves on her, Sirius!” James hooted. I felt blood rush to my cheeks in embarrassment, but Sirius just shrugged.
“At least I have ability to do such.”
I couldn’t resist myself. “Ouch, James,” I said. “Ouch.”

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