I'm not Supposed to Love You, But I Can't Be Without You: A Draco Love Story

I'm not Supposed to Love You, But I Can't Be Without You: A Draco Love Story

This story is about Harry's twin sister Rosaline Lily Potter. (Nickname Rose) She is a splitting image of her mother; except she has violet eyes and a scar shaped as a star on her forehead from Voldemort's attack. She was separated from her brother after the attack and was adopted by the Weasleys. In her years of Hogwarts she falls hard for a boy who is all wrong for her; but yet he is everything she wants. Comment and there will be variations from the book.

Chapter 1

You Are Just Telling Me Now That I am Not Really Family

"Wake up Rose." I heard Ginny scream. Now was really not a good time. I was in the middle of the same recurring nightmare. It was always the same and it always made my scar hurt. "Fine, than I will give your letter to mom and dad so you get it later." she said as she left my room. "Letter" I thought; oh my Hogwarts letter. "Ginny get back here." I said as I got out of bed. I went downstairs and saw Ginny with mom and dad. "Morning mom and dad." I said while giving them a hug. "Hello dear; before we give you a letter; your father and I have something to tell you." Mom said. "Ginny go to your room." my father said. "Congrats sis." my sister said with a hug and went back upstairs.

We sat on the couch so we can talk. "You have been having the nightmare again haven't you Rose." dad asked. "Yeah and it doesn't make sense. I keep seeing Voldem- I mean He Who Must Not Be Named kill Harry Potter's parents and I don’t know why since I am a Weasley." I said. I noticed there was a tension in the room. There were obliviously hiding something.

"We never told you this; yet some people still don’t know this either. Harry Potter had a twin sister who looked almost exactly like their mother and she also survived You Know Who's attack that night." mom started. "Go on and what does Harry’s twin have to do with me?" I asked. My mother didn't want to say, but dad urged her to go on. "Well what we are trying to say is that you are Harry's sister. It was McGonagall and Dumbledore's wish that we raise you until you got your letter and we would tell the truth when this moment came. The letter should confirm it." she said to me. No I thought; I am a Weasley I thought and there was no way I was related to the famous Harry Potter. Sure I had a scar; but I thought it was a birthmark.

I opened my note and it confirmed what my parents said. Sure I got accepted to Hogwarts; but the letter was addressed to a Miss. Rosaline Lily Potter. Tears welled up in my eyes since it was true. "Now love; I know this is a shock to you; but we never treated you any differently and you are daughter Rose." dad said. I stepped away from them. "Why did you keep that big a secret from me?" I asked. "It was Dumbledore that told us to make sure you didn't know so the fame wouldn't go to your head or look for Harry. It was for your safety." mom said.

I thought about it, and it made sense; but that meant he was probably living with his horrible Muggle relatives. I hope I can meet him someday. "This doesn't change the fact that I am your daughter does it." I asked. "Who do you think found you and took you to live with us." dad said with a smile. "Yeah about that, can you tell me that story?" I asked "Sure; I better summon the family too since they have been eavesdropping anyway. Boys; Ginny come down here." dad said.

Just then; Fred, George, Percy, Ron, and Ginny came down the stairs. "Alright how much did you hear." mom asked. "Just enough to learn that we had a Potter with us this whole time." Fred said. "Yeah who would have thought our little sister is actually the famous Rosaline Lily Potter." George said. "That explains the scar." Percy said. "Bloody hell dad; you just kidnap her." Ron exclaimed. "Shut up and let him tell the story Ginny said.

"Right. So initially Hagrid went into the house and picked up Harry; however from his search he couldn't find Rosaline. Dumbledore than asked me to go in and search for her. I found her in her parent's closet; sleeping soundly. When I saw the star shaped scar on her forehead I knew it had to be her. So after I grabbed her I met with Dumbledore and Professor McGonagall. They needed to decide where she would live." dad said. "So how did Rose end up with us. “Percy asked. "Let daddy Finish.' Ginny said.

"Right so anyway; Dumbledore want her to leave with the Muggles Harry was at, while McGonagall said she would be better with a wizard family. Also she figured the muggles wouldn't want a second Potter at their doorstep. Than I offered to take Rose to live with us and that I will do my best not to expose her to the limelight she created. They discussed it and they agreed to let me have Rose join our family under our last name. And she has been with us ever since." dad finished.

"So what happens now?" I asked. "Well I think Hagrid is going to pick you up and help you shop for your school supplies." mom said. "Is he nice?" I asked "Don't worry sis; he is a gentle giant and I think he will be happy to see you." Percy said with a smile. Well I guess I will be in good hands. "When is he coming?" I asked. "Any minute." mom said. Just than there was a loud pounding on the door.

I am not rushing the first meeting with Draco for all the Draco fans reading. I need to develop the character and get other relationships going first. But don't worry he will come soon enough. Comment and let me know your opinions or if you want to give me some advice. Really I don't mind and spread the word of my story.

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