I'm not Supposed to Love You, But I Can't Be Without You: A Draco Love Story

I'm not Supposed to Love You, But I Can't Be Without You: A Draco Love Story

This story is about Harry's twin sister Rosaline Lily Potter. (Nickname Rose) She is a splitting image of her mother; except she has violet eyes and a scar shaped as a star on her forehead from Voldemort's attack. She was separated from her brother after the attack and was adopted by the Weasleys. In her years of Hogwarts she falls hard for a boy who is all wrong for her; but yet he is everything she wants. Comment and there will be variations from the book.

Chapter 2

Reunited; and God Heavens it is Sweeter Than You Can Imagine

My father opened the door and there was a huge man at the door. He had bushy black hair and a black beard. I assumed it was Hagrid. "Hello Weasleys." Hagrid said. "Hello" everyone said. "Now than where's Rosaline; Dumbledore said she was living here, right. He told me to help her get her supplies." he said. "I'm Rosaline; but please call me Rose; everyone else does." I said.

He glanced over me with a huge smile. I never saw anyone so happy to see me. "I'm so sorry I wasn't able to find you so that you and your brother may have been able to be together. I am just glad you were able to grow up so well and beautifully. You look almost exactly like your mother." Hagrid said. "Don't worry Hagrid; that's all in the past like Voldemort. However speaking of my brother; you know where he is." I asked.

Everyone was looking at me in horror. Oh yeah I said his name; I never really understood why people put so much fear to a name; it only adds fear to the person itself. "Right; well apparently the Dursleys don't want him to be found and have him go to Hogwarts. But I know where he is now and we will see him together." The Dursleys sound horrible and I thank god McGonagall fought for me. "Before we go I brought something for you birthday even though it is tomorrow." Hagrid said. Right tomorrow is July 31, my birthday. Yet I wasn't smart enough to see the famous Harry Potter had the same birthday as me; it shows how 'brilliant' I am.

He took out a small box and gave it to me. I opened it up and there was a shark tooth necklace. "This is so wicked, thank you Hagrid." I said while I hugged him. I put on my necklace. "This looks so cool. Mom can I go with Hagrid; pretty please. I am dying to see what my real brother looks like and I will get my supplies with him" I said with a soft agony voice. My parents looked at each other and than back at me. "Alright; but you will meet me at the house on September first to pack." Mom finally said. "Thanks mom and dad." I said with joy and I hugged both of them.

"You still calling them mom and dad Rosaline." Fred said. "Yeah Potter; I mean you just found out you're the famous Rosaline Lily Potter; and yet you treating us the same; Rosaline." George added. "You knuckle heads; you will always and forever be my family; even if we aren't by blood." I said. "Well said; but since we won't see you on your birthday, we should we should give your gifts now." Percy said. "Can we mom." Ginny said. "Sure we can." Dad said.

Mom and dad gave me a red yellow plaid skirt with a white buttoned shirt. I am sensing they hope I get in Gryffindor. Percy gave me a purple tie and a book on mythical creatures. Fred and George gave me birthday punches and than a toy and red fingerless gloves. I also got a red and yellow handmade bead bracelet from Ginny and a purple hat from Ron. Lastly Charlie sent me a book on dragons and Bill sent me a tribal bracelet from Africa. "Thank you all so much for my presents; I mean it." I said. "Now hurry up and get changed; Hagrid probably has to get going soon if you want to find Harry." Dad said. I just realized I was still in my pajamas. "I'll be right back." I said as I rushed upstairs. "Take your time." I heard Hagrid said.

I got changed in the outfit mom and dad got me; as well as putting on Bill and Ginny's bracelets they gave me, Percy's tie and the fingerless gloves. I finished off the outfit with red converse shoes and my red hair in a ponytail. I went down stairs and hugged my family good bye. "How come you aren't wearing the hat I got you?" Ron said. "Hagrid you came on a flying motorcycle correct." I asked. "Why yes I did." Hagrid answered. "That's why; but I love the hat. I'll see you later brother." I said to Ron as I hugged him goodbye.

We got to where the Dursleys and my brother were at was exactly midnight. Hagrid informed me about the Dursleys, including their names and what horrible relation they are to me. He even showed me a photo of my real parents, they were both looked beautiful and madly in love. They were holding their twins, Harry and me. It was so cold, but Hagrid let me a jacket of his. It was way too big, but it kept me warm. We both stormed in the door; everyone in it looked frightened. Well of course they did; I mean Hagrid sometimes is a scary sight if you first me him in bad circumstances. Mr. and Mrs. Dursley looked really mad and scared; but that didn't matter now. What mattered was what I saw next, my brother.

He had jet black hair like our real father, but mom's eyes. He was skinny; but than the Dursleys hated him so I can understand that and he had glasses which I can tell were broken because it was fixed with tape. "HARRY!!!!! I missed you so much; I can't believe I get to meet you at last!!!!" I screamed. I ran to him and hugged him. "What the blast is going on!!!" Mr. Dursley said. "Nice to see you too, Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, Cousin Dudley." I said sarcastically. "I thought you were dead; what do you want from us." Aunt Petunia said.

"Can't Hagrid and I see my own brother; I mean it has been ten long years and heaven knows I missed him." I said still hugging him. "I-I-I have a sister?" Harry finally said. "You certainly do. I am Rosaline Lily Potter, but please call me Rose brother. God you look like our late dad. I missed you." I said. I couldn't help but cry. He looked at me and he looked happy. "You have a scar too, was it from the car crash our parents were in." Harry asked.

I knew what Hagrid was thinking, they told him absolutely nothing about the magical realm; not even the fact he was a wizard. “I gave him the Hogwarts letter and talked to him about Hogwarts, while Hagrid was screaming at the Dursleys about why he didn't know. Hagrid also sent an owl to Dumbledore about us and that we will be attending Hogwarts.

"I got you something for your birthday, it may not be much, but I wanted to have something for you when I saw you." I said while giving him a small box. Inside the box there were chocolate chip cookies. "Thanks Rose; I wish I had something to give you." Harry said. "You already gave me something; a brother I never knew I had and that he does love me." I said. "Well you have to idea the hell I have been through with the Dursleys." he said. "It's the past now; you now have someone in your family that cares for you now; plus we have seven years in Hogwarts together to catch up.” I said with a smile. We hugged. "Happy birthday sis." Harry said. "Happy birthday, brother." "

We heard shrieks coming from Dudley. We both laughed since Hagrid gave him a pig's tail. "Will you tell no one about this; technically I am not suppose to use magic; being that I got expelled. However let's not talk about it and we have stuff to do and things to buy" Hagrid said. The three of us left on Hagrid’s motorcycle and flew away from the Dursleys.

I hope you are being patient. The next chapter will involve the first sight of Draco, so keep reading and Comment.

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