All About Us

This is just a thing where each of us writes a paragraph or two about us, what we like, what we hate, what we look know, the standard stuff you put when getting to know someone.

Chapter 1

About Thalia Grace

Note: ''This is all 100% true, what we put down. No fake stuff, just real things we want to put down.''
Well, most of you already know my story, because of my blog. But...well, I have blue eyes that look like someone stole a bit of lightning and stored it there, and they flash like thunder when I'm mad. But that's probably just because I'm the daughter of Zeus. You know, Greek god of the skies? Basically the leader of the Big Three(Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades). Ironically enough, although my father is god of the skies, what most people don't know about me ist that I'm ''terrified'' of heights. I've sworn off of guys in the service of Artemis, but I still have some friends(like Percy or Grover, for example) who are guys. Basically, as long as I'm not romantically interested in them, it's fine. Anyway, back to my looks: my hair is inky black most of the time, but sometimes looks kinda brownish. It's straight when I grow it out, but all spiky and punk-rockerish when I cut it short(like how it was when I first met Percy). I'm kinda tall, but not freakishly so. Just a bit above the average height most girls attain. I'm stuck at the age of fifteen forever, which is pretty sweet-never aging, never having to worry about wrinkles or stuff like that! I'm pretty slim, but not supermodel, anorexic type of slim-just the healthy kind that means I eat right and exercise often(which I totally do-I run a lot, and practice with my bow every day). My personality? Well, I can be really uber-nice and cool once you get to know me, but at first I can seem kinda like a b^tch. See, I've got these temper issues, and tend to zap people who piss me off or threaten me. I also don't talk much, and I've got the death glare mastered. So, word of advice: it's best not to make me mad, unless you ''want'' to be electrocuted.
One thing nobody knows-not even Artemis-is that I kinda have a pet. See, this little owl started following me around about a month ago. No matter how often I send him away, he always comes back! So, I've made him my personal owl. I still can't think of a name for him, but I'm thinking of Dominoe, because he's black with lots of speckles on his back, wings, and tail feathers. Is that too lame? I need ideas! Oh, and I think Percy and Annabeth-my two best friends from Camp Half-Blood-''finally'' got together. I mean, it sure as hell took em long enough! Everyone but them knew how much they liked each other. Sure, Annabeth ''kinda'' had that thing with Luke, but since he turned out to be a bad guy, she got over him. Well, he's not technically a bad guy any more-he redeemed himself by stabbing himself and effectively ending Kronos's reign of power. It's all thanks to Rachie(my nickname for Rachel Elizabeth Dare) that we even knew it had to be Luke. It's all pretty complicated, so you probably don't get most of that. Hell, I don't even get some of it, and I played a huge part in it! It's about time Percabeth(my cute nickname for the happy couple) finally happened. Lol...anyway, back to me.
I love giving people nicknames, but I rarely get people use mine, which is Tally. One time, Percy used that before I gave him permission and...well, let's just say he didn't make that mistake again(his hair was all crispy-crittery! Hahaha!! XD)!! If I give you a nickname, it's usually a sure sign I like you and won't zap you. No guarantees, though-Percy's my best friend, and I once zapped him cuz he screwed up during capture the flag. Wow. I don't usually talk this much. I guess I just got really into it. I think I'll shut up now...Bye! Oh, next author will be...SpellBinder(or, as I prefer to think of her, Spelly! XD). Shutting up now.

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