Look Alive Sunshine! (killjoy fan fic!)

ok so everyone knows that im obsessed with my favorite band: My Chemical Romance.
so i decided to make a fan fic! about the killjoys! (im in it to!)

here are the characters:
Gerard Way: Party Poison
Mikey Way: Kobra Kid
Frank Iero: Fun Ghoul
Ray Toro: Jet Star
Aira (me): Bulletproof Romance

Chapter 18

Some Days (look alive sunshine the final chapter!)

after dinner i walked over to the sink with a load of plates in my arms. "here lemme take those" Lyn-Z took half the plates and began washing. "can i help" i offered. "yes please honey" she smiled. i began washing. "hang on" i ran up stairs grabbed my ipod and little portable stereo. "you know how i hate the silence" i told her. "why is that?" she stroked my face a bit. "cuz it speaks the truth" i told her. "hm, i guess your right" she smiled. she bumped into me by accident, her stomach hit me. "whoa" i said looking at her stomach. "oh!" she said realizing wat i was lookin at. "are you....you know?" i said. "yea" she blushed. "how come you didnt tell me?!" i was raising my voice without knowing it. "im sorry! i didnt think....well....i dont know!" she began crying. "hey" i said softly. "i didnt mean to raise my voice, you know im really hot tempered" i told her. "ya i kno" she said whiping away tears. "hang on a sec" i walked to the bottom of the stairs. "HEY FRANK YOUR TURN TO DO THE DISHES!" i screamed. "NO ITS NOT!" he screamed back. "i'll be rite back" i turned to Lyn-Z. i went to his room, where he was blasting some song by The Misfits. "HEY! its ur turn!" i grabbed his ears and dragged him to the kitchen. "OW!" he said once i let go. "seriously its your turn!" i pointed to the dishes. "FINE!" he stomped lik a little kid in defeat. "wow" i heard Lyn-Z say. "ya when you've lived with them practically your whole life you learn to be the woman of the house" i said. "does everyone else know?" she asked me. "ya....see i kinds told them when mikey and i went for our uh...drive." i told her. "i hope ur not mad" i said. "im not" she hugged me. "so wat is it?" i asked amused. "its a girl" she smiled. "wat are u gonna name her?" i asked. "i was thinking you should name her!" she said brightly. "hm.....lemme think" i told her. "hey! who took my last ice pop?!" frank asked. "i dont know?" i said guilty. "open your mouth" he walked over. "no!" i refused. he got my mouth opened and saw that my tongue was blue. "you owe me an ice pop u bandit!" he joked. "hey! thats a great name for her!" i told Lyn-Z. "bandit? a girls name? thats kind of a weird name for a girl" frank said. "since when are u to judge wats normal and wats not? cuz last time i checked, your the second weirdest person in this family!" i pointed out. "ya you rite" he smiled."ima go tell Gerard kay?" i told em. "ok" Lyn-z said. "watever" waved frank. i walked to Gerards bedroom. "hey" i said as i walked in. "hey!" hey he smiled, walked over and kissed my head. "wats up kido?" he asked. "i found a good name for the baby" i smiled. "you know? well of course you do! nobody can keep a secret in this house without you finding out first" he joked. "well wat is it?" he asked happily. "Bandit" i smiled. he looked at me for a second. "i love it!" he hugged me a little to tight. "when is she due?" i asked. "sometime in may" he smiled. "great" i said happily.

May 27 "wow, she so pretty" i said holding my baby sister. "she is....just like her big sister" Lyn-Z smiled. i smiled back. "hi" i told Bandit. "welcome to your crazy beautiful life" i kissed her forehead.
1 year later
i was outside with Bandit, we where playing in her little kiddie pool. she got out and started walking towards my belt that i took off. "hey! dont touch my belt!" i ran after her afraid she was gonna get a hold of my ray gun. too late. she began shooting stuff. "be careful!" i told her. "no!" she said with her tiny voice. she was getting the hang of it pretty well "wow" frank said. "thats one awesome baby!" he said. "yup" i smiled. we sat and watched her. "she's got her whole life ahead of her" i said suddenly. "ya and so do u, ready for ur small sweet sixteen?" he asked. "totally" i said. we got Bandit and drove of into the desert. where we went to some open space and taught her how to shoot and aim.

in other words we sometimes:
scream Na Na Na for hours and hours,
there will be pigs that are after us,
we sing it out for the ones we love,
we get up and go when we feel like dancing,
sometimes our only hope is each other, we'd be literally killing our selves by sleeping in,
sometimes you have to trust yourself that they will hold "them" back,
we make wishes when our child hood dies,
in this family we can run away with each other anytime we want to just get away (but come back of course!)
sometime i believe we are the enemy, but thats something i cant controll,
i think about the kid from yesterday, the kid i was yesterday.
and sometimes i just want some of that vampire money!

we crash and burn young and loaded!

thank you so much for all of u guys that have read this fan fic from start to finish! i didnt know how it was gonna come out but when i read all of u guy's comments i was so happy and over joyed! thanks so much!

p.s there's gonna be a new MCR fan fic ima be writing! details coming soon!

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