Look Alive Sunshine! (killjoy fan fic!)

ok so everyone knows that im obsessed with my favorite band: My Chemical Romance.
so i decided to make a fan fic! about the killjoys! (im in it to!)

here are the characters:
Gerard Way: Party Poison
Mikey Way: Kobra Kid
Frank Iero: Fun Ghoul
Ray Toro: Jet Star
Aira (me): Bulletproof Romance

Chapter 4

Im Not Ok (I Promise)

next morning. i woke up and felt like i needed to puke! i ran to the bathroom and threw up. "Whats going on?" ray came in "oh my god Aira are you ok?" i looked at him "no, i dont feel to good" i threw up some more, ray held my hair back, he placed a hand on my forehead "my god, hon your burning up!" he helped me get up. Gerard walked in "Aira are you ok? your looking VERY pale" he walked over to me and placed his hand on my forehead to. "wow your burning up." i closed my eyes, i was feeling dizzy. "im not feeling to well" i tried to keep still, but couldnt keep my balance "do you need a doctor?" ray asked worried "i dont know" i whispered "lets walk you to the couch" Gerard put my arm around him and helped me get to the couch. right as i was about to lie down my vision went black and i hit the floor. "AIRA!" i heard Gerard scream.......... when i woke up i was lying on the couch Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray where sitting besides the couch "oh my god your ok!" Mikey hugged me. "i saw you collapse and panicked!" he sounded so worried. "what happened?" i asked, my memory was a blur "i was taking you to the couch when you just.....collapsed" Gerard looked of into space. i tried sitting up but got very dizzy. "you need to lie down hon" Frank said "oh and here take this" Ray handed me two red and white pill. i looked at it "its not a BL/ind pill is it?" i looked at it "pft! HECK NO!" he said "its just for drowsiness" he gave me a glass of water and i took the pill. i looked over at gerard he seemed so worried. "Gerard are you ok?" i smiled, he tried his best to smile back "kinda i just called a doctor, im so worried about you thats all" this time he smiled for real, he walked over gave me a hug and kissed my head. "we leave you alone so you can get some sleep" ray said they all got up and left. "bye" i closed my eyes and drifted to a dreamless sleep. when i woke up i had a major chest pain and had trouble breathing. i began gasping for air, my breathing loud i saw Gerard, Mikey, Frank and Ray run over to me. "ARE YOU OK?!" frank panicked. the doctor came running in "make some room please!" she asked. i started to panic even more, my throat squeezed shut and i couldn't breath any more "AIRA!" Gerard said through tears "CAN YOU HEAR ME?" i tried telling him everything is going to be fine.....................................................

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