My chicken wang.! (Love Story.)

So this is my first story in a WHILE! Please comment!

Chapter 1


"Tiffany, wake up!" Your older sister, Naomi, yelled slapping you with a pillow. "Why?" "We have practice, and only a half an hour to get ready!" You shot up. "WHAT?" You said getting out of bed. You are a 15 year old girl. Who is well known. You could so say that your popular. Your are the Junior Varsity Dance Captain. A lot of guys have a crush on you. But you only want one. Big problem though. He's 19. You cant legally be with him. But you still mess around with him. You go to his house some times and you'll just make out, nothing more. He likes you and you like him, a lot. But, You're about to get caughtt.....
"Tiff, come on!" Naomi said. "I'm coming dang." You said getting dressed. When you get done, you go down stairs with your phone in your hand, and all the sudden, you get a message, and from Honest. (The 19 yr old.) 'Hey!' It said. You reply with just a Hi. And thats the start to your day.

-Tell me what you think, please!


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