Alec Love Story

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Chapter 1

Alec 1

I was walking in italy when i spot a festival i want to go see wat it was for. when i got there everyone was dress in red. i got to the middle and saw a clock tower there i saw a man on top of it he look sad and then i heard a girl saw edward edward very loud i wonder why. then i saw him glitter like dimonds i wonder why. so i went up to the girl and ask her why he was glittring "um exuse me ma'ma but why is he glittering?' she look at me like you-were-not-suppose-to-see-him-glitter "i cant talk rite now srry" then she countine to say i mean scream edward edward i want to no why he was glittring so i follwed her and then she and edward kissed i went up to her and edward "um u didnt answer my questin" "oh im srry but edward is...why dont u ecplain why u were glitting edward" then someguys came up to us "edward aro wants to talk to u" the short one said "and the girl stays with us" "u can go to hell" edward said "and who is this" the tall one said looking at me."im um ____and i never did get my answer why was he glittering?" "____ come with me" i did, when we were walking a small girl with really red eyes came well they all had red eyes so yah "aro sent me to get u guys" "well were coming" we were in the elevature and edward and the girl were with us too. we went in a big room and there were 3 men and a boy bout my age "jane they send you out for 1 and come back with 2 and a half nice work" the boy my age said i could i was blushing when i saw him he kept looking at me and said "who this?" "yes who is this" a guy said which i didnt no he was the one in the middle of these two other guys "im __ and u r" "im Aro" "well aro its nice to meet u" "nice to meet u too and why r u here?" "well i saw edward glitter and i want to no why" "oh" was all aro said "_____stays with us and u guys r free to go" i saw them leave i was kinda scard of wat there going to do to me

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