The Superstar No One Knows (A Cinderella Story)

Chapter 1

Go With The Crowd To Stay Alive

I set up the microphone in my bedroom, after making sure no one was home and all the windows in my room were closed. I cleared my voice and, after hitting 'Record', said, "Hey there, people of This is OnlyHuman4 again. This week, I'm singing Rolling In The Deep by Adele. I hope you like it." I picked up my guitar and played the first few chords. Then I softly but strongly sang out the first few notes. Every week, I post a recording of me singing on, which is a website where you can make recordings or your voice, saying anything you want without anyone judging you and knowing who you are. It's basically a mix of a blog and YouTube. I love singing. I've been doing these broadcasts for about a year, and I wish more than my average of five people heard them, but if anyone at my school knew about my posts, I'd be eaten alive. I never talk at school, and for good reason. Whenever I actually do talk, everyone makes fun of what I say. No matter what it is. So my philosophy is 'Shut up, go unnoticed, and go with the crowd to stay alive.'

I ended my song with a powerful chord, and finished by saying, "Thanks for listening! Next week I have a big surprise in store, so make sure you tune in at 8:00! Bye!" I pressed 'Stop' and took a deep breath. I was so nervous. Next week, I'm performing a song I wrote for the first time since I've been doing these live broadcasts every Tuesday night, when both of my parents go out with their friends. There's a major difference between singing someone else's song and singing one you wrote. When I'm singing Adele's lyrics, it's not personal, and no one thinks anything of it. But when someone sings their own lyrics, you think, 'Huh, I wonder what they wrote this about', and they can critique the lyrics and how the words generally sound together and that terrifies me. What if what I think about the lyrics is completely different from what everyone else thinks. I think my lyrics are decent, but what if they sound stupid to everyone else. Maybe I'm over thinking this. The point of my tirade is I'm so nervous.

Luckily, the following week at school kept me preoccupied. Besides the four tests, three in-class essays and my Physics project, I had to constantly block out the incessant insults being thrown at me. None of them original or witty, of course. They're usually along the lines of 'Hey four-eyes!' or 'Everyone stay clear! Nerd alert!" Sure, I have glasses, but so does half the school. And I get good grades, which is better than failing everything like everyone else. But I guess the two combined have given me the honor of having the term NERD branded on my forehead for all of eternity. Oh well. Luckily I only have one more year in the heII hole before I can move on to bigger and getter things. What those things are, well, I I'm not really sure yet.

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