Moony's Girl, Forever and Always - A Young Remus Lupin Love Story

I would like to thank GryffindorGrl97 for the title help. This character is based off of myself. Except for the last name. I don't want anybody stalking me! BTW, I cut Peter out. Enjoy! Comment!
Name: Ella Laine
Body: Many freckles, average body, tall, brown eyes, Ginger
Personality: smart, sarcastic, caring, funny, sensitive, brave, lazy but occasionally plays quidditch, clumsy
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, writing, sleeping, mischief
This WILL be slightly dirty.

Chapter 1

The Beginning

by: EllaLupin
I can't believe this is happening! I am actually a witch and going to Hogwarts! Please don't let this be a dream! I though frantically while trying to lug my trunk other luggage onto the train. I lost my balance when I tried to get my medium length, straight red hair out of my face and almost dropped my trunk when a boy that looked about my age caught it. He had longish black hair and mischievous grey eyes. He was really handsome. "Thanks," I said with a small smile.
"No problem," The boy said with a wink, "Sirius Orion Black at your service." He said bowing. He was a big flirt I could tell.
"Ella Laine." I responded quietly with a smirk.
"Well it was nice meeting you Ella. I'm going to find a compartment. See you at Hogwarts!" Sirius departed. Sigh I better find one too.
After what seemed like forever looking for an empty compartment, I never found one. Everywhere was full except for one with another dark haired boy. I sighed internally and externally as I gently opened the door, making the boy turn around. He had round glasses and hazel eyes with the same mischievous tint in it like Sirius had.
"W-would you mind if I sat h-here?" I stuttered. I really wasn't good at talking to boys; especially ones I don't know. I felt myself blush a little. Crap. My hand flew up to my cheek and I felt the hotness underneath it. 
The boy smiled, "Sure!" I sat down opposite of the nameless boy. I started to stare out the window. This is so awkward. "So what's your name beautiful?" He asked. 
I turned to the boy and narrowed my eyes at him, "I can ask you the same thing." I might act shy and innocent but I was like a bam ready to burst. I could be fierce and feisty when I wanted. 
"James Potter." The boy said with a smirk. 
"My name is Ella Laine." I responded back to him. He just nodded. I sighed again and stood up to get a book out of my bag. Just as I got hold of my book I heard a loud "ELLA!!" behind me. I didn't have time to turn around before I was pulled into a spinning hug around my waist.
"Merlin!" I laughed. When the mystery person put me down I shook my head a bit to stop being dizzy then looked to see who it was. 
"Nope! Sorry to disappoint but it's just me Sirius Black!" I started laughing followed by Sirius and James. "You guys wouldn't mind if I sat here would you?" Sirius asked after we all stopped laughing. We both shook our heads. Sirius smiled and sat down next to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I squirmed a little. 
"Hey Sirius?" I asked. 
"Hmm?" is all he could respond with.
"Do you like your arm? Then I suggest you move it." He quickly unwound his arm and jumped next to James. I laughed at his urgency. To be honest, I was surprised at how much I was opening up.
"So what did you guys do when you got your acceptance letters?" James asked.
"I wasn't really surprised. I'm a pureblood." Sirius said.
James nodded, "Me too." They both then turned to me. 
"Well, um, I was really surprised. I mean I was always making stuff move and disappear; my mum and dad were close to taking me to a doctor when I got my letter I'm a Muggleborn."
James and Sirius smirked. "Are you serious?" James asked stunned. 
"No, he is" I said pointing to Sirius. We were all laughing when the door opened again. I turned around to see a tall sandy haired boy with chocolate brown eyes and scars across his face. He had a sensitive and thoughtful look to him. I bet he's really smart. I smiled up at him. 
"Can I sit here? Everywhere else is full..." He asked sheepishly. 
"Of course." I said quickly with out thinking so I blushed again. A smile was forming on the edges of his lips along with a blush on his cheeks also. 
"Do you guys mind?" He asked Sirius and James. They shook their heads. Remus sat down next to me and pulled out a book. I looked at the book he was reading and saw that it was the same one I was reading. Romeo and Juliet 
"Romeo and Juliet?" I asked the sandy haired boy with a small smile. 
"Yeah. I know it might be a little over my head but I love it. I guess I'm just advanced." He said grinning. I grabbed my book that was abandoned and out of view and held it up.
"Me too. It's one of my favorite books. I wish real life could be this full of love." I said shyly blushing again.
"Me too." The boy replied. 
"Ohhh! Ella-Bella has a crush!" James said in a sing-songy voice. My face burned and the boy's face looked red too. Wait, did Sirius look....sad? Who knows. 
"Shut up. No I don't." I lied easily. Honestly, I had a small crush already on the boy--I didn't even know his name. James smirked as if he saw right through my lie.
"So what's your name anyway?" James asked.
"Remus. Remus Lupin" The boy replied.
"I like that name," I smiled. Wait, did I just say that out loud?! "And Sirius and James." I added hastily pointing to each one in turn. Remus blushed.
"Nice to meet you guys," Remus mumbled, "What's your name?" he directed at me.
"Ella Laine." He nodded. Sirius (who looked much less happy then before) and James had a discussion about something that sounded like Quiddtich. I'll have to ask them about it later.
"By the way, I like your name too." I heard Remus whisper in my ear. It tickled and sent chills down my back. I looked over at him and saw that he was a faint pink. I smiled and started to read my book.
I woke up to someone tapping me on the arm and the sound of Remus' voice, "Err...Ella? We're gunna be at Hogwarts in about a half an hour so you might want to get up and get changed into your robes."
I rubbed my eyes and sat up, "Mmm..where am I?" Sirius and James started snickering and responded slowly as if I was going insane,
"Your on the Hogwarts Express, Ella. Are you ok?" James put the back of his hand to my forehead pretending to see if I had a fever. 
I pushed his hand away, "Shut up. Yes I'm fine." I responded with yawn.
"Did you have a nice nap?" James grinned.
"Wait what? I fell asleep?" I said blushing and trying to flatten my frizzy red hair. I picked up my book when I Sirius scoffed,
"Yeah you fell asleep! You fell asleep on Remus! I still can't believe he let you stay on his lap!" I felt myself blush so much it felt like my head was going to be cooked to a medium rare.
"I-I fell a-asleep in your l-lap?" I asked nervously to Remus who was also blushing.
"Yeah." He responded shyly.
"Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry! I didn't know I did that! You really didn't have to let me stay there! I'm so sorry!" I rambled on and on the Remus. He eventually settled me down by screaming "Ella!" and using hand gestures to quiet me down. I stopped to let him talk.
"Ella it's really ok, I know you didn't know what you were doing and I know that I didn't have to let you stay there. I wanted to though, so that you could be comfortable." Remus smiled. I don't know what came over me and I just gave Remus a big, warm hug and whispered "thank you" into his ear. I realized what I was doing and pulled away blushing. I saw that he was too. Gosh we blush so much we might permanently turn red. I thought meekly. James and Sirius grinned, looked at each other, and burst out singing, 
"ELLA AND REMUS SITTING IN A TREE, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! FIRST COMES LO--ow ow, Ella, stop!!" I started hitting them both over the head with my book repeatedly.
"That's what you get! Merlin, there should be a rule that says you can only make fun of people you known for at least a month!" I said, voice dripping with sarcasm.
"Do you need a towel for all of that sarcasm you just spilt?" Sirius asked, equally sarcastic. 
"Sarcasm is my second language." I responded which caused everyone to grin.
"ELLA!!!" I heard someone scream from the distance. I turned my head and was tackled with a bone crushing hug. I got up after I was released and saw my best friend and neighbor, Lily Evans. Her green eyes twinkling with delight. I swear, her and I could be twins if it just wasn't for the eyes.
"Your a witch? Yes I'm a witch! Why didn't you tell me?!" squeal We both said at the same time and hugged and jumped around. As soon as we let go, smiles as wide as Jupiter, I turned to the boys. They were all covering their ears and were cowering in fear.
"Are you done? Good. Never do that again." James scolded as everyone slowly brought their hands away from their ears as if they were expecting us to break into hysterics again.
"Will you please sit in my compartment until we get to Hogwarts?!" Lily asked me really excitedly.
"Sure, just let me get my things." I responded. I saw Remus' face drop, James smile towards Lily (who immediately got her guard up), and Sirius put on a fake hurt expression.
"Ella! Your leaving us? I feel hurt! I though we had something SPECIAL!" Sirius pretended to sob. I patted his back comfortingly and said, playing along,
"Don't worry Sirius my good friend. My departure isn't forever. You will see me again, I promise. Don't cry!" Remus and James grinned at me and Lily looked genuinely confused.
"Sirius Black, James Potter, and Remus Lupin" I whispered to Lily, pointing to each boy in turn. 
"What's your name, beautiful?" James asked Lily.
"Lily Evans" She responded stiffly.
"Don't worry, he does that to everyone," I told Lily, winking at James. "come on." I gestured out the door.
"Goodbye my love! Until we meet again." Sirius said, taking my hand and kissing it. I snatched my hand away and glared at Sirius playfully. Remus glared too, but not playfully. He looked angry. I said my final goodbyes and Lily and I left. We changed into our robes and returned to her compartment.
"You leave to change into your robes and come back with this!?" Severus Snape said to Lily. He was such a greasy-haired git.
"Love you too Snape." I rolled my eyes at him, frown etched onto my face.
"Laine," He glared back, "I didn't know you were a witch?"
"Learn something knew everyday, huh?" I mumbled.
"Well, I'm going to go change and meet other people," Snape got up with his bags, "Bye Lily," he said cheerfully, "Laine." Complete change in voice.
Lily sighed, "Why can't you two just get along?"
I put my hands up defensively, "It's not my fault he's a slimy git! He's practically begging me to hate him." She just shook her head. "Ok, changing the subject, can I tell you something but you have to promise not to tell anyone."
She nodded anxiously and said, "Of course. You can tell me anything, you know that, and I won't tell anyone."
Nodding I answered, "Ok. Well I like Remus. The one you just met."
She smiled and said, "Really? From what it looked like, you were falling all over Sirius! But now that you say it....yeah, you and Remus could make a cute couple."
Ignoring the comment about Sirius, I responded, "Yeah me and him have the same personality, have the same taste in muggle books, and James and Sirius both think we are in love." Her and I both started laughing, when we heard a big explosion. We jumped up, and looked outside the compartment. And there he was, Snape hanging upside down in his underwear. And James was suspending him with a spell. I burst out laughing and ran over to James to give him a high five. "Oh-oh God that's great. So funny!" I laughed. James looked over at me, making Snape fall to the ground. Lily rushed over to his side and helped him up. Lily screamed at James, "What is wrong with you Potter?!" Then They both hurriedly walked away without waiting for an answer.
"Sorry Lils! I'll see you at Hogwarts!" I screamed nervously at her.
"Bye Evans! Bye Snivellus!" James called. I snickered at Snape's nickname. It suits him better. We all ended up going back into their compartment until we got to Hogwarts.
"Welcome to Hogwarts. Before you can enjoy your feast, you must be sorted into houses. There's Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. If you'll follow me into the Great Hall we could begin." Professor McGonagall said to the crowd of first years. She glared at Sirius, James, and Remus who were laughing at me. I was sopping wet. It was my mistake for riding in the boat with them. I was pushed in the lake by Sirius and James and saved by Remus. Even though he saved me, he still laughed. I even laughed. It was too hard not to. But after a half an hour of pestering and constant reminding that I was leaving a trail if lake water, it started to get annoying. Remus used a spell to dry me off and I looked at him thankfully. That shut James and Sirius up.
"Ha." I whispered to James and Sirius.
"Shut up." They both said, pouting that their prank was foiled.
We all followed Professor McGonagall into the great hall. It was truly beautiful. It looked like a castle from a fairytale and as if there was no roof--just stars. It was amazing, and I'm not one if those girls who think everything is great. Professor McGonagall pulled out a list and started calling off names to get sorted. I paid attention to about the first three before spacing out. It was just so boring! They just sat their with that ratty old hat on their head until it yelled "HUFFLEPUFF!" or "SLYTHERIN!" or "RAVENCLAW!" or "GRYFFINDOR!" my head snapped up, full attention, when James (Gryffindor), Sirius (Gryffindor), Remus (Gryffindor), Lily (Gryffindor), and Snivellus (Slytherin) were called. "Laine, Ella" my name was finally called by Professor McGonagall. I walked up nervously and sat down on the stool. I really didn't know what to expect when the hat was placed on my head--but I certainly didn't expect it to start talking in my ear. I jumped a little when it started saying, "Ah yes. Very interesting. Hmm. Shy, hardworking, and loyal. Maybe Hufflepuff? But I can see you don't want to be there. Sly and cunning like a Slytherin. But your a Muggleborn, so not there. Smart, but not smart enough for Ravenclaw. Ahh. Very brave, yes, and lots of nerve. You always do what's right. I can see you also want to be here because if your friends. Friendship is always important and the sorting hat always takes what you want into consideration. Yes, must be GRYFFINDOR!" Grin etched onto my face, the sorting hat was plucked off my head. I ran over to my cheering table (mostly from Remus, Sirius, Lily, and James) and was welcomed warmly. Lily gave me a bug hug. When she let go, I was pulled into a giant group hug from Remus, Sirius, and James. I laughed and hugged them all back.
As I sat down next to Lily and across from Remus, Sirius, and James, I thought, We all are going to be friends forever.

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