Moony's Girl, Forever and Always - A Young Remus Lupin Love Story

I would like to thank GryffindorGrl97 for the title help. This character is based off of myself. Except for the last name. I don't want anybody stalking me! BTW, I cut Peter out. Enjoy! Comment!
Name: Ella Laine
Body: Many freckles, average body, tall, brown eyes, Ginger
Personality: smart, sarcastic, caring, funny, sensitive, brave, lazy but occasionally plays quidditch, clumsy
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, writing, sleeping, mischief
This WILL be slightly dirty.

Chapter 2

Five Years Later

by: EllaLupin
I pushed my trolley though the barrier between platform 9 and 10 quickly so no muggles would see. Finally I thought as I saw the big, red Hogwarts Express, smoke tumbling out the top of it. I sighed and kept pushing my things forward, looking for my best friends--Lily, Sirius, James, and Remus. I was a bit more anxious to find Remus though, I admit that I have developed a large crush (and by large I mean that if I loved him anymore my heart would explode) on that werewolf. He admitted to us about two years ago what he really was. No one judged him and no one left him. We all even became illegal animagus to keep him during his transformations. James was a large stag, Sirius was a big black dog, and I was a fluffy ginger cat. We had our own group because of this nicknames and all--we called ourselves the Marauders (the guys all joked that I was a Maraudette). James was renamed Prongs, Sirius was Padfoot, Remus was Moony, and I was Nighteyes. We created a map in our fourth year, the Marauders Map, that helped us sneak around. Moony and I never approved of sneaking around after curfew but went along with it anyway. I found myself smiling at the thought of reuniting with my close friends. Lily didn't know about any of this--Remus being a werewolf, the nicknames, the map, sneaking around--and I had to keep it all a secret from her. It slowly killed me to keep something this big from one of my best friends but I had too. Padfoot, Prongs, and Moony would never forgive me if I told her.
I saw two familiar boys talking. One with shaggy black haired and one with round glasses.
"JAMES!!! SIRIUS!!!" I screamed to them in delight. I abandoned my trunk and owl, Athena, and ran towards both of them. They turned around and grinned when they saw me. I jumped in to James' arms, almost knocking him over.
"Woah! Hi Ella!" James said laughing.
I let go and gave Sirius a bug hug too. He lifted me off the ground and spun me around--still hugging. I was laughing hysterically by the time he put me down.
"Hello Ella! How are you!? How was your summer?" Sirius chimed, bombing me with questions.
"Hey! It's great to see you guys! My summer was very boring and uneventful without the Marauders and Lily sigh but we're back now! Fifth year baby! O.W.L.s year! And I'm great now, thanks! How are you guys?" I said grinning the whole time.
"Great!" said James smiling.
"Perfect," Sirius said with a smile that quickly changed to a smirk, "and still sexy."
"Yeah you keep believing that, Padfoot," I said winking, "c'mon let's get on the train."
I ran back over to get my stuff that I let right in the middle of the platform. Luckily nothing was taken. I apologized to Athena quietly in a baby voice and jogged to catch up with James and Sirius. I handed over my luggage to the conductor and jumped on the train after Sirius and James. I don't know where the conductor puts the bags or how it ends up in our dormitories in a few hours, but it does. Luckily, I got on the train just in time because a second later it started moving. Unfortunately, the movement caused me to fall over on top of someone. Onto of Remus. James and Sirius burst out laughing, holding their sides, and leaning on the wall so they wouldn't fall over. I looked up and our eyes met causing us both to blush intensely. It's good to know that a few months away from each other doesn't affect the ability to make each other blush. Or maybe it was because I was onto of him. I rolled off of him and got up. I brushed myself off and offered him a hand. He graciously took it and I helped him up. His touch sent electric sparks through my body. I put a smile on my face to hide what I was really thinking. They all saw through me like a window was on the side of my head. I have him a big hard hug which he returned lifting me off my feet a little. Even though I was tall, the guys still had about 3 or 4 inches on me.
"It's great to see you again Remus." I spoke softly in his ear.
"I missed you so much Ella." Remus said back.
"Ah, young love. Such a beautiful thing," James interrupted. Remus, me, and even Sirius sent James a death glare which caused him to laugh. "Well I'm just saying! You guys still haven't let go of each other!"
I realized what James said was true. My arms were around Remus' neck and his were wrapped tightly around my waist. Our bodies were pulled tightly together. We both blushed again and let go quickly trying to compose ourselves. This caused Sirius and James to laugh again. Remus then gave James and Sirius man-hugs.
"Um. We should probably get a compartment then." Remus stated to us as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. I don't know why but it's really cute when guys do that.
"What I don't get a hug, Ella?" I heard from behind me. I turned around and saw Lily.
"What's it been? Two hours since I last saw you? But you still get a hug." I said grinning as I gave Lily a warm hug.
"Well I just wanted to say hi. I'm going to go sit with Severus. Bye Ella! See you at Hogwarts." Lily smiled and waved goodbye. Lily and I are best friends but we have some differences. She's girly, I'm a tomboy. She likes shopping, I don't. I like joking around, she doesn't. She's outgoing, I'm usually quiet. Since our differences, we both have other friends that we hang out with (Snape and the Marauders). But we do have a Lily/Ella day once and a while. No matter what happens we will always be best friends and we can tell each other anything. Lily's practically my sister.
"Bye Evans! Love you too! Tell Snivellus I said hi!" James called after her, smirking. Lily flipped him off without even turning around which caused everyone to laugh.
"She wants me." James said. We all just rolled our eyes. We've all heard at some point James endless ranting about Lily. I usually get an earful from James asking me to set him and Lily up. No matter how much I think they will be a great couple, Lily won't listen to me and James refuses to believe that Lily hates him.
We all walked down the row of compartments looking for an empty one. It was really funny how everyone moved out of the way for us as if we were famous. We got to the last compartment and that one was he only one that was empty. Thank God I thought as we piled in. I was a little worried that James and Sirius were going to kick some first years out of their compartment so we could sit there.
We all sat down. Remus was sitting next to me and Sirius was across from me. James was next to Sirius. We talked about what we did that summer. I mostly read and did homework (as did Remus) and sometimes went swimming. I sometimes bumped into some kids from my old muggle school who invited me places. I refused because now it seemed too weird. And I might have let something slip on accident. James swam and neglected to do any summer homework. He just spent all of his time owling me because he was bored or the latest witch he flirted with or how much he missed us. He even asked me one time to send him a copy of my homework. I responded to that owl with, "No. But it's good to hear your worried about failing school." my exact words. Sirius didn't do any homework either. He said he lounged by a nearby swimming lake and flirted.
"And all of that flirting actually got me somewhere," Sirius smirked, "Some slutty witch that was vacationing there with her family took my V card."
"Ew! You didn't Sirius! How can you even talk about that in public?" I shrieked in disgust. Remus just rolled his eyes and started reading a book he pulled out if his pocket.
"Yep! I did," Sirius beamed, "And it felt great." He sort of whispered that part loudly.
"Woo! High five! How was it, mate?" James asked, giving him a high five. Sirius started talking about all of the gory details to James. I gave them a look of disgust and pulled out my muggle music player--an iPod. I put shuffle on to block out Sirius' sex talk and took out a book and started reading. I'm awful at multitasking so I couldn't listen to my I
iPod (mostly a muggle singer named Taylor Swift. She's great and I'm a hopeless romantic.) and read at the same time. So I ended up putting my book down and starred out he window. I started to sing along to one of my favorite songs, Crazier by Taylor Swift, when I felt like i was being watched. I stopped singing and turned around to see all three boys starring at me.
"S-Sorry." I stuttered blushing. I usually don't like singing in front of people by myself. I love singing and I'm in the Hogwarts choir but I can sing alone.
"No! It's ok! Your a good singer! What were you singing?" Sirius said excitedly.
"Um thanks. It's called Crazier. It's by a muggle." I said blushing slightly.
"Oh. Will you sing it for us?" Sirius asked. Everyone else nodded vigorously in agreement.
"Oh no guys. You know I can't sing by myself. I have horrible stage fright." I answered worriedly.
Sirius gave me a puppy dog face and pleaded, "Please, please, please? Your a really good singer and we want to hear you again." Everyone nodded again.
"Yeah Ella. You are. Just pretend we aren't here." James concurred.
Sigh "Fine. But no more talking about your sex lives while I'm in the room, ok?" I finally caved.
"Awww fine," Sirius whined, "Just sing."
I let out a shaky sigh and closed my eyes. I wonder if they can hear my heartbeat because it sounds like a drum. I thought before singing.
[A/N: if you haven't heard Crazier look it up. It's a good song and I don't feel like typing the whole song]
After I finished singing I slowly opened my eyes and saw everyone else watching me intensely, grinning. They all started clapping and I blushed. I have to admit, I did pretty good. I hit all of the notes and kept in tune and beat.
"Wow. I didn't know you could sing like that Ella! Your really talented." Remus smiled.
"Yeah!" James and Sirius chimed happily.
"Thanks! That means a lot to me coming from you guys. And you never asked if I could sing or not!" I giggled. "Don't expect me to sing again."
They all let out "aww"s and went back to what they were doing. James and Sirius were still talking, not about sex because of our agreement, and Remus pulled his book back up to face. I yawned and stretched out on the bench with my head in Remus' lap. He glanced down from his book smiling slightly.
"Do you mind?" I giggled again.
"Not at all. Make yourself comfortable." Remus chuckled.
I yawned again and shut my eyes. "Good. Because your really comfy." I mumbled, smiling a little.
"I bet I'm more comfortable than Moony!" Sirius joked.
"Hmm. Tempting. I think I'll have to take you up on that offer Sirius. Sorry Remus." I said smugly. James and I switched places and I layer down on Sirius. I yawned and closed my eyes.
"Hmm. Close tie." I said quietly, almost asleep. I was inches away from sleep when I felt something hard against the back of my head. Considering my head was in his lap and he was a teenage boy, I had a pretty good idea of what I just felt. I sat up lightning fast and started laughing hysterically. Remus and James tried to ask me what's so funny but I was laughing to hard to answer. I finally choked out "Sirius" and pointed to his crotch. He was blushing hard and was sitting awkwardly trying to hide his erection. James and Remus realized why I was laughing and joined me. Sirius looked so embarrassed and it was pretty damn funny! After we all calmed down I took a deep breath and wiped away my tears of laughter.
"James switch seats with me again." I said.
"Jeez, make up your mind." I heard James mumble as we switched. I yawned and laid down on Remus again.
I fell asleep on his lap, just like first year, and woke up to, "Ella wake up. We are almost at Hogwarts and we need to change into our robes."
I opened one eye and saw Remus' warm smile. I sat up and rubbed my eyes. I noticed that James and Sirius were already changed as I got my robes. I walked out of the compartment and into the girls bathroom to change.
I returned about 20 minutes later in my uniform. I had the top button unbuttoned, the tie was loosened, black skirt and black tights, and the itchy jumper (sweater). I had large gold hoop earrings, knee high black converse, a thin black headband over my freshly combed hair, and one gold bangle to match my earring.
"Jeez what took you so long?" James asked sounding annoyed.
"It takes girls a while to look this great." I responded smirking, modeling my outfit.
"You look nice. Unique. Still the uniform but with a touch of Ella. I like it." Sirius said.
"Thank you," I said back, "Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you guys! I'm a prefect now!" I puffed out my chest and straightened the prefect badge on it.
"Your joking! So am I!" Remus smiled, chuckling.
"Dumbledore must be off his rocker making two Marauders prefects." I said shaking my head.
"Correction. One Marauder and one Maraudette," James smirked. I slapped him lightly on the side of the head, "I had that coming but it was worth it."
The train came to a sudden stop causing me to fall over. I landed in Remus lap.
"Hey Remus," I said jokingly, "It seems I'm always falling on you. It's a good thing you catch me."
I jumped off his lap and onto the seat next to him. James and Sirius left the compartment to leave the train and we jumped up to follow.
Remus grabbed my arm and said quietly, "I'll always be here to catch you, Ella."

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