Moony's Girl, Forever and Always - A Young Remus Lupin Love Story

I would like to thank GryffindorGrl97 for the title help. This character is based off of myself. Except for the last name. I don't want anybody stalking me! BTW, I cut Peter out. Enjoy! Comment!
Name: Ella Laine
Body: Many freckles, average body, tall, brown eyes, Ginger
Personality: smart, sarcastic, caring, funny, sensitive, brave, lazy but occasionally plays quidditch, clumsy
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, writing, sleeping, mischief
This WILL be slightly dirty.

Chapter 22

Blame It On The Alcohol

by: EllaLupin
I. Am. Never. Drinking. Again.
I woke up with a pounding head ache. How the bloody hell do I get it to go away!? I bet a bullet to the head would feel better than this!
What happened last night?? Lots of parts were a blur. All I really remember was some of the questions, kissing Remus under the fireworks, and cleaning up with Sirius...
Oh god. Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no. Please tell me kissing Sirius was just a dream. A horrible, horrible dream. I'm going to wake up in a few seconds and I'm going to be on the couch and the party will still be going on.
1....2....3.....4.... Nope. Not waking up. God damn it! Why did I mess up the one good relationship I've had!?! But I still love Remus.
God thinking hurts with a horrid hangover.
Okay I have two choices:
1. Tell Remus the truth, break his and my heart, and ruin this relationship.
2. Don't tell him. He won't know and maybe Sirius won't remember. We were both drunk. It technically isn't lying and him and I will still be together.
Option number two seems like the better choice right now. Sad-Angry-Hungover tears are the worst.
Maybe Lily has better options for me.
"Lily..." I groaned. Okay, it officially hurts to do anything.
"Yes?" Lily said cheerfully from the bathroom.
"What time is it?" I asked. My voice hurt my own head.
"About 11. You missed breakfast. I didn't want to wake you up though, you were pretty drunk last night." She answered.
"How were you not wasted last night!?" I demanded, voice slightly raised. But I quickly lowered because my head was about to explode from the violent throbbing.
"Because I am a good girl. I still can't even believe you let a guy get to second base with you." Lily responded shaking her head. Was that a question last night?
"Hey!" I said pointing at her. "I didn't let Remus touch me, I pushed him off! And what's life without a little fun?"
She shrugged, obviously not convinced.
"I really need your help, Lily. I got myself into some deep shit." I told her finally.
"What happened?" She asked nervously. "Merlin, you're not pregnant are you? I swear if you are I will murder Remus with my bare--"
"No! I'm not knocked up." I said, sitting up, groaning, then slumping down back into bed. "Last night...Last night Sirius and I...kissed."
She gasped. "What? What about Remus? Oh Ella, what are you going to do?"
"I don't know!" I bursted into tears.
"Hey, it's going to be okay." She said, walking over to my bed and hugging me.
"W-what do I do? Owww..." I asked, holding my head.
"Well you can tell him or not." She said the same thing I was thinking. FML. We sat in silence for a while until Lily blurted out at the same time as I did,
"Tell him."
"Don't tell him."
We just sat there, staring at each other.
"I don't want him to dump me, Lily! I love him!" I exclaimed to her.
"But relationships are built off of trust and honesty!" Lily protested.
"But I don't want him to dump me." I repeated again. She put her hands up in surrender and got up.
"It's your funeral, Hun." She said giving me a disappointed look before leaving the room.
I sighed and procrastinated on getting up. Could I stay in bed all day? I guess I could considering it's Saturday, but what if Sirius tells Remus what happened? No, I got to get up.
I attempted to get up but I immediately got nauseous. I sprinted to the bathroom and made it just in time before brown, foul smelling and tasting vomit spewed out of my mouth.
When I was done draining my stomach of all of it's contents, I slumped down against a wall and tried to control my shaking. I was almost certain my face was pale (er, paler than usual).
Just yesterday I was passionately kissing Remus in the library. Just yesterday I went behind Remus's back and kissed his best friend. Now, I regret everything.
I regret ever letting James kiss me in September, hurting Remus. I regret getting together with Remus, just to end up crushing both of our hearts. I regret kissing Sirius last night, because if I didn't kiss him, I wouldn't have regretted anything.
Choking down tears that were threatening to burst out, I slowly got up and dragged myself back to my bed. I have to face him eventually... I picked up the quilt on the floor that I had pushed into a crumpled heap the other night and wrapped it tightly around my shoulders.
Walking down the stairs was maybe the hardest thing I've ever done. When I reached the bottom, not many people were down there. I rushed over to the big, squishy couch and plopped down. I snuggled up in the blanket, eyes closed. The light seemed like the sun and every little noise sounded like a gun shot. This was not going to be a fun day.
I was almost asleep again when I heard someone running down the stairs. I tried to ignore them.
"Hey Ella..." the voice said quietly.
I opened one eye to see Emmeline Vance and Marlene McKinnon standing above me. They were in my year but I never got to know them well. Lily and I have our own dorm because their room was completely filled so they had to add another room for us.
Those two were complete opposites but best friends. Marlene is loud, outgoing, and spontaneous; Emmeline is quiet, shy, and a bookworm. I guess they even each other out.
Last year Marlene went out with Sirius and Emmeline went out with Remus. Marlene and Sirius only snogged and Emmeline and Remus only studied--when they weren't doing those things, it was awkward.
"Hey guys." I said. "How are you not hungover?"
"I never get hungover!" Marlene announced, smiling.
"I didn't have much to drink." Emmeline said.
I nodded but was quickly reminded that doing anything involving my head hurt.
"Woah, Ella! Where did you get that?" Marlene exclaimed, poking a spot on my neck.
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm talking about the huge hickey on your neck!" Marlene laughed.
I thought for a moment. "Remus did it." Did he?
"Ohhh." Emmeline and Marlene giggled at the same time.
"Be careful with Remus, Ella." Emmeline warned me. "He could break your heart like that!" She snapped her fingers. I nodded. Pshh, yeah right.
"So have you guys the done the deed yet?" Marlene leaned over and asked me.
"Done what?" I asked stupidly. This hangover is making me lose the ability to think straight.
"Shagged." She wiggled her eyebrows.
Emmeline gasped. "Mara! You can't just ask people that!" Marlene ignored her.
"Err." I said awkwardly.
"I knew it! Is he good in bed?" Marlene asked.
"No! I mean, we've never done it so I wouldn't know..."
"Yeah, okay, sure. I believe that." Marlene winked at me before leaving the common room with Emmeline.
Oh yeah, I was right. This day is crappy so far.
I need a bubble bath.

*Sirius' POV*

That angelic name is what I wake up and fall asleep to every day. I know that's very sappy but I don't care. I've never told anyone that.
I have no idea what it is with Ella. Maybe it's because she is beautiful and confident, maybe it's because she's a challenge. All I know is that if we dated, we would be the couple that everyone looked up to; the model couple. She is still the only girl to have ever refused a date with me, though. I could have any girl I wanted with just the snap of my fingers, but the only girl I want doesn't want me.
She wants Remus Lupin.
"James..." I groaned. No answer.
"James..." I whinned, a little bit louder. Still no response.
"James...." I yelled over at him, but I immediately regretted doing so because of my hangover. This might be possibly one of the more horrible one.
"Sod off, you wanker! I'm trying to sleep off a hangover!" He yelled to me before groaning and flopping on his bed again.
"Hey! You should be bloody thankful I dragged your arse to bed last night." I snapped back at him.
"Fvck off." He mumbled into his pillow.
"I have a problem I need help solving." I stated, rubbing my temples.
"Oh, I knew you were going to come out of the closet sooner or later." James said sarcastically.
I rolled my eyes at him.
Remus suddenly groaned. "What time is it?"
I rubbed my eyes so I could focus on my watch. "11:23"
"God, is this what a hangover feels like? I am never drinking again." Remus said. "Padfoot, did you say you had a problem? You're not an alcoholic, are you?"
"No. But I doubt you could help with this problem Moony." I said to him.
"No one can." I murmured to myself, rolling over.
"Oh god." Remus exclaimed before sprinting to the bathroom. Sounds of Remus throwing up were heard.
"James, quickly, this is important." I said to him. I've got to tell someone or else I'll go insane.
"What?" He gave in.
"I'm in love with Ella." I told him in a loud whisper.
He sat up, his hair messier than ever, and just stared at me.
"What!?" He said back in a loud whisper after a few moments. But I never got to explain because Remus came back into the room.
"I need a bath." Remus groaned. He shoved a pair of dark sunglasses on his face and trudged out of the room, holding his head.
James waited a few minutes before just to make sure Remus had left before saying,
"/Ella?/ Like, Ella Laine? Nighteyes?"
"What other Ella do you know?" I asked, ruffling my hair. Sometimes James could be very daft.
"Well there's Novella Dagny; everyone calls her Ella. You remember her right? Tall, black hair, Ravenclaw. You shagged her earlier this year, didn't you?" James asked. I remember Nov, she was very flexible; I was impressed.
"Yeah but stop trying to change the subject! I have a huge problem! What the fvck do I do?" I yelled at him angrily.
"Nothing." He answered immediately.
"/What?/" I asked in disbelief.
"You can't do anything! She's Moony's girl. He would snap your neck if you tried anything with her. They are in love Padfoot! Besides, if she liked you back she would have done something about it and wouldn't be with Remus. Look, you can just tell now that they're both happier now because they are with each other, please don't screw this up for them." James said.
Rage shot right through me. How dare he try to tell me who I can and can't fancy!
"Are you trying to tell me to just stop liking her? Well it's not that simple, Prongs! I can't just snap my fingers and just stop thinking about her constantly. I think--I know--I'm in love with her. How do you think that makes me feel!? Well it scares the absolute living shit out of me! I haven't had a steady girlfriend that has lasted more than two weeks and suddenly I realize that who I was looking for has been right in front of me for four and a half years! I can't just forget that. And-And we kissed last night!" I spat at him. I feel like I just poured my deepest, darkest secret into a cup and gave it to James.
Please don't ask me why I think these weird thoughts...
"You don't need to scream at me, Black! Do you think I know don't know how this feels? I'm in love with a girl who doesn't give a damn about me! How do you think that feels? At least Ella is our friend! Evans hates every fiber in my body. ...Woah, woah wait. Back up. Did you say you two kissed last night?!" James yelled back.
"Yeah..." I admitted, picking at my nails.
"Why the fvck would you do that? She cheated on Remus!" James roared.
"Stop. YELLING. At. ME." I screamed back.
"How long have you liked her?" James asked calmly.
"Well...hmmm..." I tried to pin point when I first started liking her. "I thought she was very fit when we all first met back in year one and was so jealous of Moony when she fell asleep on him!" I laughed.
"I think I realized I started liking her somewhere between the end of that year and the beginning of second. I only just knew I loved her this summer. This is a whole knew emotion for me." I told him and he bursted out laughing.
"How come you never told me about any of this? I'm your best mate and it's hysterical to see you show emotions other than not-giving-a-shit and lust." James smiled.
"Oh shut up you tosser."

*Ella's POV*
"Ahhh...." I moaned as I sunk into the hot bubble bath. The perks of being a Prefect.
This bath was truly heaven. It was like having your own private swimming pool. But there were bubbles past your neck, wonderful smelling soap, and candles floating above. I have to say the steam was really helping my hangover.
"Oh you're in here." a very nasely and annoying voice said.
I opened my eyes to see a partially transparent girl that haunted the bathroom on the second floor--Myrtle.
"'Lo Myrtle." I said unenthusiastically. I don't have a problem with Moaning Myrtle, I don't bully her like everyone else, she just sort of depresses me.
"I thought you were a boy taking a bath in here." She scowled at me.
She gave me a 'hmpf!' before floating down the drain to her own bathroom.
I sighed and sunk into the bubbles, letting my head go underwater. I held my breath and looked around. I really need to go swimming in here more often.
Suddenly, I saw a blurry foot followed by another plop into the water across from me. Shit!
This isn't good. I can't hold my breath forever. And this person just got in the water. What do I do!? My lungs screamed for air as I slowly lifted my head. I looked at the person in front of me. I would know those scars anywhere...
He had his head tilted back and his eyes closed. Apparently him and I had the same idea.
I can't just sit here like a creeper! What do I do?
I softly cleared my throat before saying in a small voice, "Remus?"
He practically jumped out of his skin.
"Ella!? Wh-What are you doing in here? How did you even get in?!" He asked frantically while his face went beat red.
"I was, um, under the water when you got in.." I said uncomfortably.
"Oh..." was all he said. Well, what could you say? We were both sitting naked and wet in a bath tub together. This couldn't get more awkward if we tried!
"Err..I'm just going to...yeah." I said pointing towards the other end of the tub.
"Alright, love." He murmured tilting his head back again.
I swam over to the other end of the tub and acted like a little kid again. I made bubble-beards and pretended I was a scuba diver. I heard a faint giggle and looked up. Myrtle was floating above Remus.
"Get away from Remus, Myrtle!" I called to her. She let out a shrill wail and dived into the drain.
Remus opened one of his eyes and chuckled. I must have looked pretty ridiculous with bubbles all over my face.
An idea stuck me and I slowly sank underwater. I swam quickly over to were Remus was (far enough away to not see or touch know...).
"GAAAHH!" I screamed as I jumped up in front of him, splashing him.
He let out a yelp and jumped again.
"You need to stop surprising me in the bath!" He exclaimed. I giggled.
"I'm going to get out. Can you quickly close your eyes?" I asked. He nodded and did what I asked.
I hopped out of the bubbly ocean, checking to make sure he wasn't peeking, and wrapped my towel around me. Carefully, I walked over to were Remus was relaxing and kissed his forehead. He smiled and kissed my lips.
"Have fun bathing Rem. Watch out for Moaning Myrtle." I whispered to him with a wink.
"Love you." He called to me as I walked towards the door.
"Love you!" I said back. I felt a pang of regret, remembering I cheated on him and he had no idea.

I sat down on the couch in the common room and closed my eyes. My head was still throbbing and I felt really tired but it was better than it was this morning. Hey, for my first hangover I'm doing pretty good.
"Argh! This sucks." James plopped down next to me on the couch.
"Tell me about it." I said back. We both rubbed our temples before closing our eyes. I laid down on his lap and proceeded to take a nap.

"Hey. Hey Ella. Wake up, love." Remus quietly shook me awake.
"Where am I?" I murmured, rubbing my head. How did this blanket get on me? Where's James?
"On the couch. I thought you might want this." He said, handing me a glass of sludgy green liquid. I gave him a questioning look.
"It helps hangovers." he said simply with a shrug.
I gulped down the liquid fast and my throbbing immediately went away.
"You're a life saver, Rem." I kissed his cheek.
"I try!" Remus blushed.
"Hey do you know where Padfoot is?" I asked Remus. "It's kind of important."
"Uh yeah. He's doing detention with McGonagall." Remus told me.
I nodded at him and went up to the boys dorms.
"James." I got his attention. "Can I borrow that mirror the Sirius gave you?" 
"How do you know about that?" James looked surprised. I shrugged and James handed it over to me.
I looked directly at it and said, "Sirius Black."
A few minutes later Sirius appeared in the mirror.
"Er. Wotcher Ella." Sirius said awkwardly, blushing.
"Today I found out that hangovers suck. How's detention? What did you do this time?" I asked, easing into the conversations.
"I was trying to hex Snape and someone knocked into me, making me hit McGonagall. I'm just writing lines." Sirius shrugged.
"I thought I told you to start being nice to Snape!" I snapped.
"Anyway, we need to talk. You know what I mean." I gave him a look, making him blush. "At midnight meet me in the common room."
"Okay..." He suddenly jumped. "I hear McGonagall coming back. I'll see you later!"
I handed the mirror back to James and he scowled at me.
"Why are you off snogging Sirius when you are dating Moony!?" He demanded.
"We were drunk! It didn't mean anything!" I yelled back.
"What if Remus finds out, Ella? What are you going to do then!?"
"He's not going to find out if you don't tell him!" I told him.
"Argh! I'm sick of keeping all of these secrets for you, Nighteyes." James sighed, flopping down on him bed.
"Are you going to keep it though?" I smiled at him.
He looked me in the eyes and sighed again. "I guess."
I ran over and hugged him, catching him off guard, making him laugh.
"I have no idea what I would do without you Jamesy." I mumbled into his shirt.
"Yeah, your life would be pretty fvcked up right about now if I wasn't around." He laughed and so did I.
"You're the best brother ever." I smiled at him.
"Brother?" He grinned back.
"Well we are both only children and I think of you as a brother so why not!" I decided.
He gave me another hug.
"I'm going to go wait for Sirius."
"But you still have four hours!" he laughed.
"I've got nothing better to do!"
"Bye sis." He smirked.
"Bye bro."

After a long time of waiting in my dorm, and after Lily went to bed, midnight rolled around.
I slipped out of my bed and into the common room. Sirius was already waiting for me, staring into the fire, when I got down there.
He looked up and motioned me to sit down next to him. I sat down, distancing myself from him a bit, and stared into the fire too.
"So what do you want to talk to me about?" Sirius played dumb.
I looked sideways at him and said, "We kissed last night."
"I know..." Sirius said uncomfortably.
"That was just a drunken kiss. It didn't mean anything. I mean, we're just friends. And I'm dating Remus. I love Remus." I said to myself more than him.
"Oh...right...yeah. It didn't mean anything." he looked back in the fire.
"Thanks for understanding Sirius. And please don't tell Remus. I really don't need him to know." I asked him. Wow I've said that a lot today...
"Alright." He said. "I think I'm going to go to bed." He stood up and so did I.
"Thanks again, Padfoot." I gave him a hug, which he didn't return, and walked up to my room.
I quickly fell asleep, thinking that this was in the past and everything was taken care of. Boy, what a day.

*Sirius' POV*

So is this what heartbreak feels like? Is this what James feels like every time Evans turns him down?
Well it sucks. Big time.
When I walked back in my room James gave me a sympathetic look before crawling back in his bed.
I shook my head, tears threatening to spill out, and got in my own bed. Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry like a little pussy. Be strong.
I pulled the curtains around me and face planted my pillow.
Girls suck.

Oh my gosh. I literally hate this chapter; not because I think it's bad, it just took me forever. I am soooo sorry. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic--I had three tests in one day, come on! The next chapter will definitely be out sooner than this one was. If you are still reading this story, I would like to personally virtually hug you. Each. And. Every. One. Of. You.
I have a question for you guys...what do YOU think is going to happen in this story? I know what's going to happen, but what do you think/want?
Love ya!

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