Moony's Girl, Forever and Always - A Young Remus Lupin Love Story

I would like to thank GryffindorGrl97 for the title help. This character is based off of myself. Except for the last name. I don't want anybody stalking me! BTW, I cut Peter out. Enjoy! Comment!
Name: Ella Laine
Body: Many freckles, average body, tall, brown eyes, Ginger
Personality: smart, sarcastic, caring, funny, sensitive, brave, lazy but occasionally plays quidditch, clumsy
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, writing, sleeping, mischief
This WILL be slightly dirty.

Chapter 3

At Hogwarts

by: EllaLupin
Remus, James, Sirius, and I grabbed a carriage. We flopped down on the wooden seats dropping our carry-on bags in front of us. I was eyeing James' hair in front of me. Does that boy ever brush his hair?
"Take a picture. It'll last longer." James smirked, striking a pose. I rolled my eyes and jumped up. I sat down next to him and attempted to fix his hair.
"Ahh!! Nooo! My beautiful hair! You can't mess it up!" James screamed worriedly, pushing my hands away jumping out of my reach. Remus and Sirius were silently laughing hysterically.
"It's already messed up, mate! That's why I'm trying to fix it!" I screamed over James frantic screaming. Before I knew it James picked me up in a bridal carry and was holding me over the edge of the carriage.
"Oh my gosh James! Stop it! Bring me back in! Stop! Ahh!" I screamed, clutching on to James with all of my strength.
He chuckled, "If you promise not to try to fix my hair again, I won't drop you,"
"I promise," I whispered a little too loudly, voice full of fear, still gripping onto James' neck.
"And you have to say 'James Potter has the sexiest hair in the whole world.'" James said smirking and laughing, enjoying my fear.
Rolling my eyes and looking at him I said, "James Potter has the sexiest in the hair in the whole world. Happy now? Bring me back in."
"And don't you forget that." James smiled bringing me away from the edge.
"Modest Jamesy, very modest." I mumbled crossing my arms, while he still held me.
"Hey! I resent that!" Sirius said loudly, running his hands in his long black hair and shaking it like a dog.
"Sirius you know you have great hair, and Prongs, can you put me down?" I said to both of them.
"Hmm...what do you think Padfoot, mate? Maybe she should be punished. You know, for trying to insult both of our hair. Maybe I'll keep her like this until we get to the castle...then throw her in the lake," James said to Sirius. I tried to struggled out of his grip I was unsuccessful.
"Or I could just do THIS!" Sirius said jumping up.
"Wha-?" I said dumbly before Sirius started to tickle me uncontrollably. I laughed hysterically; not a good laugh as if something was funny, but a strained laugh as if it hurt you to laugh. I hate being tickled and they know it. Stupid boys.
"Stop! Sirius! Stop it! HAHAHA! Padfoot! Please stop! Uncle! Just stop!" I laughed trying to get them to stop as Sirius tickled me and James, still, held me.
"Guys! She's had enough! Just put her down!" Remus called to his friends. Sirius and James looked at each other (they stopped tickling me, leaving me to gasp for breath) before James said,
"Alright, Moony. If you insist."
He then dropped me roughly into Remus' warm arms. He caught me quickly and wrapped his arms protectively around me. We both blushed. I sat up with his arms still around me and glared at the two snickering, dark haired, animagus in front of me.
"You guys so aren't funny!" I said angrily to them.
"I'd have to disagree with you there our dear Nighteyes. It was absolutely hysterical," Sirius said, putting on his classy and polite voice.
"Plus, you look like your enjoying it, I mean Moony hasn't let go of you and you haven't gotten off his lap." James finished matter-of-factly.
We both looked at each other, realizing what he said was true, and jumped apart. Our faces were as red as my hair.
"Aw! You two lovebirds!" James joked, making hearts with his fingers and kissy faces. Remus, me, and even Sirius gave him a dirty look.
The rest of the ride I glanced a few times at Remus out of the corner of my eye. Sometimes I caught him staring too and we both smiled and blushed a little.
"Ahh Hogwarts. So nice to be back!" I said pretending to be heartfelt, arms spread wide as if waiting for it to hug me.
"Got that right." They all said at the same time causing us to laugh.
We continued the tradition of trying to push each other in the lake. Every year, only the first week of school, we would see how many times we can push each other in the lake. Two people win: the one who got pushed in the least and the one who pushed the most people in. Remus usually gets pushed in the least and Sirius pushed the most people in (usually me). Sirius was walking by the edge of the lake trying to shove James in as they headed towards the Great Hall. I started to sneak up behind him before Remus grabbed my wrist making me turn around.
"Ella, what are you-? Remus asked but I cut his off by holding a finger to my lips and pointing to Sirius and the lake. He chuckled and let go. I kept walking but momentarily glanced back to see Remus watching me. We both smiled. I kept going. James eyed me suspiciously, I darted out of the way behind some of Sirius' giggling fan girls, as Sirius turned around to see what he was looking at. When he turned back around and kept trying to push James in the lake, I came out of my hiding spot and put my fingers back up to my lips to signal James to shut up. He darted his eyes away from me and back to Sirius. I creeped behind my fellow Marauder and said in his ear,
"Bad move, Black, being this close to the lake."
He spun around with a shocked look. Quickly, I pushed as hard as I could at Sirius' incredibly toned chest sending him backwards.
"NOO!" he screamed splashing into the water, back first. I doubled over in laugher as his long wet black hair stuck to his face. He grinned mischievously before going under water and swimming towards the shore. I had my eyes shut tightly when I felt a hand on my ankle. I opened my eyes and my faced dropped as I saw Sirius grinning up at me.
"Sirius don't you dare." I said nervously trying to pull away. He laughed and yanked as hard as he could causing me to fall in the lake screaming.
"SIRIUS!! YOU ARE DEAD!!" I screamed as I resurfaced. I chased after him. Remus, James, Lily, and all of Sirius' fan girls gathered by the lake. Sirius was laughing hysterically.
"You can't kill me Nighteyes! I'm too hot to die," Sirius called behind me, slowing down to wink at his gigging girls, "Isn't that right Ladies?"
I took advantage of this and tackled him in the water, holding him under. Unfortunately he is stronger than me and quickly took power over me. We ended up full out wrestling in that water, people on the sides cheering for either me or Sirius. Remus, James, Lily, and a few other Hogwarts girls and boys cheered for me; His fan girls and a few Hogwarts boys were cheering for Sirius. We had equal support.
We both looked up, hands on each others shoulders trying to push each other in again, and started cracking up. I pulled him into a hug and he picked me up a little again. I laughed and we held each others hand up, saying that we were both victorious. He put his arm around my neck (he's done that since first year) and I put mine around his waist. We walked up--laughing--to Lily, James, and Remus. The crowd laughed and "aww"ed and started to walk away. Remus' face dropped when he saw my arm around Sirius' waist. I quickly let go and walked over to him.
"Aw you look sad. I think you need a HUG!" I screamed throwing my arms around him, getting as close as possible, laughing.
"No! Ella!" Remus said laughing, "Grr now I'm all wet!"
"That's what she said!" Sirius and Janes laughed quietly.
We all turned around and looked at the two, smiling innocently, with a 'really?' look. I shook my head and mumbled, "Immature.." before turning back to Remus.
"And yeah, that was kinda the point!" I laughed, shaking my wet hair out like Sirius usually does.
"I swear your turning more into Black over there everyday." I head Lily say. I swung around and screeched, "Lily!" and almost threw my arms around her before I realized I was still wet.
"Um, air hug?" I giggled. She smiled and we gave each other an air hug.
"Well, I'll see you in the Great Hall, Ella! Bye!" Lily waved as she walked away towards Snivellus. I waved back and she ran away.
"Bye Evans!" James called. She ignored him.
"Merlin, she's hot." James said to us. I ignored him too.
We walked up to the Great Hall, still dripping wet. When we got up there the last first year was sorted (Zanny, Mark. Ravenclaw), Sirius announced "DON'T WORRY! WE ARE HERE!!" Everyone's eyes darted up to the three soaking Gryffindors and one dry Gryffindor. Everyone snickered then turned back to what they were doing. McGonagall rushed up to us and scolded,
 "Again Mr. Black, Ms. Laine, and...Mr. Lupin? Don't make me take house points off of my own house before school even starts. Now dry off before sitting down." she walked briskly past us with the sorting hat. Probably bringing it back to Dumbledore's office. Sirius turned around and made a face at her which caused us all to chuckle. Remus and I cast a drying charm on ourselves but Sirius needed Remus' help. We all sat down to greet our fellow Gryffindors.
"So who got the point for the lake?" a seventh year I've never even talked to leans over and asked me.
I smiled, "I pushed Sirius in, he grabbed my ankle and pulled me in. When we were done wrestling, I hugged Remus."
"Good job." He smiles and gives me a high five before turning back to his friends. I did the same; Remus next to me and Sirius and James opposite of us. Lily was a few people down from me, talking to her other friends. She couldn't take James so she doesn't sit near me at meals. Talking about meals, I'm starving!

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