This is one of my many nightmares. I love some of my nightmares but nightmares like this actually scare me. I have very vivid dreams and I remember them very well. Sometimes I wish I didn't.. But I do.

So, please enjoy.

Chapter 1

My Hunter

by: Special
I woke with a sudden jolt. I gasped and sat straight up and looked around wildly. I couldn't make out where I was, all I knew was that I was scared. The trees around me were enormous in height but not in width. But to my dismay, they were all very close together, making it hard to see or make out a path to get back home. I rubbed and then strained my eyes to try see around me, the moon shone over the trees, which supplied me enough light to see the outline of things around me. My head started to hurt and I put a hand up to my head. I was panicked and started to shiver from the coldness of the dark. I, at first, was very scared about getting up but eventually got up to my feet.

Being thankful for my skinny stature, I began moving swiftly among the trees. Every few minutes I would stop to listen for something. Anything. But everything around me was dead quiet. Nothing stirred. I knew most birds would be sleeping but some should be awake.. There should at least be crickets chirping or fireflies flickering. There was nothing. Even the wind seemed to be to skittish to blow through the trees. I kept walking and I would keep stopping to listen. I was scared of something and remembering it made me quicken my pace. Eventually, after about fifteen minutes of walking, I sighed with relief because I saw my gravel road. This meant I was close to home.

I was scared of exposing myself in the open, I stood there for a minute, but I knew it was now or never to get back home. I jumped out of the woods and landed on my feet on the other side of the ditch. I brushed myself off because I had some pine needles in my hair and dirt on my shirt and jeans. I started down the road. I cracked a smile. The sun was rising, I was almost home, I would be ok. I just had to keep walking. I would walk home and down the second road to my house and no one would be up yet. I didn't even take a few steps before stopping again. Something let out a long low growl. I slowly turned my head around to see the thing that would kill me. A black panther. I have been hunted by him before but I felt that this would be my last stand. His yellow eyes stared at me carefully and I could have swore with my soul he smiled.. He was about five feet tall and from nose to tail about six feet. He let out another growl and he swished his tail unhappily.

"Oh God," I said to myself as I jumped and dove into the woods once again. I heard him roar angrily and I heard him pounce after me. I ran through the woods. Winding through the trees and not keeping track on where I was going. All I knew is that I needed to get away. Far away. I needed to hide. I felt a sharp pain in my side and I fell to my knees beside a big pine tree. I was gasping and trying to catch my breath. I couldn't rest for long. My eyes went wide when I heard a twig snap and I sprung up and darted again. I then ran North toward my Uncles house and I stumbled when I hit the dirt road to his house. I caught myself and ran full speed down the path to his house. I ran down the path and my eyes caught sight of his house. I could hide in the house and it would never catch me. I could tell my Uncle and he could shoot the big cat and it would be out of my life forever. My heart dropped when I didn't see any cars in the garage.

I looked around desperately for a place to hide that wasn't in the open but everything was in the open. I caught sight of my dads truck and I yanked open the door and slid into the floor of the truck. I was gasping for breath for a second but then tried to focus all my breathing through my nose so I wouldn't make that much noise. For a while I thought the panther went away. I thought maybe it gave up and went away. Maybe it saw something else or maybe it ate something else. But I wasn't so lucky. I froze and my breathing stopped. I heard something big walking through the truck door, it was breathing calmly and deeply. A tear rolled down my face when something of great weight leaned on truck.

I wiped my face and I cringed when I looked up to see two big black paws. It's claws were gripping on the inside of the window to hold on to the truck. My pupils dilated as the panther stuck his head through the window slowly. For a second I thought he wouldn't see me but I knew that was hopeless. I was trapped, I was dead. I felt my blood run cold as it's gold eye looked down at me slowly and it barred its teeth.


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