Sometimes the Bad Guy is Your Soulmate (A Draco Malfoy Love Story 15)

Behind These Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson


(Weird,Chloe has hazel eyes.)

Chapter 1

Fancy being a ginger?

I woke up the next day with a head nuzzled in Draco's neck and his arms around me.I tried to move but Draco's grip around me was firm.I started hitting his chest."Wake up,Draco." I said."M'up,m'up.Jeez." he said.He got up and straightened his shirt."Come on,get up.We have classes." he said."I don't wanna." I whined.

He raised his eyebrows and went into the bathroom.I heard water rushing.I figured that he was taking a shower.Then he came out,carried me bridal style,and then took me into the bathroom.I was half-asleep,so I had no idea what was happening.He put me a bathtub full of cold water.I thrashed around in the water,fully awake.Draco covered his mouth and started laughing,looking at my shirt.I looked down and saw my black bra and underwear showing."Draco Lucius Malfoy! You're gonna get it!" I yelled.

I got out of the tub and started chasing him.I tackled him and landed on the bed.I stuck my tongue out at him."Very mature." he said.I smiled.I kissed him.He kissed back.Then someone cleared their throat.I pulled away and saw Hermione.I blushed.
I straightened my skirt and put on my flats.I finally finished brushing my hair and went downstairs.Draco had gone to his common room and said that he would wait for me outside the portrait.Hermione was holding a stack of books in her hands that were slipping off.I took half of the stack."Let's go.I think Harry and Ron are in their dorm." said Hermione."Let me take care of that." I said.I conjured a bullhorn and winked at Hermione.I went up to their dorm and saw the boys still sleeping.I pressed the button on the bullhorn and shouted into it."ALRIGHT,SLEEPYHEADS.YOU'VE HAD YOU'RE BEAUTY SLEEP!" I shouted.The boys grunted and stirred.Ron kept on snoring.I pulled off his covers to reveal him in a wifebeater and boxers.I started giggling.Ron woke up."It's bloody cold!" he said.I shrugged.Harry stirred.I opened the curtains of his fourposter.I squatted and aimed the bullhorn in front of his face.He suddenly woke up."Good morning." I said in the bullhorn.Harry fell off the bed.I giggled.Ron snorted."Come on.First class we have is Potions.Don't wanna get on Sour Grape Snape's bad side.Neville ran into the bathroom and turned on the shower,while slamming the door."Why am I not surprised?" said Ron."Huh,other two haven't woken up." I said,looking at Seamus and Dean.I went to Seamus and said into the bullhorn,"Your mom got hit by a semi-truck." I know that was mean but anything to get him to wake up."WHAT?" shrieked Seamus."I'm just kidding,Seamus." I said,trying to hold in a laugh."That is not funny,Chloe." he said.I rolled my eyes.I went to Dean and put down the bullhorn."I'm gonna prank him.Kind of a prank." I said,shrugging.I got a marker and drew a mustache.I put a charm on it so it would stay on for about 3 days.I smiled,pleased with myself."WAKE UP DEAN." I yelled.Dean jumped up.He rubbed his eyes and yawned.Neville walked out of the bathroom with a towel covering the lower part of his body.Who knew he was so buff? I mean,if you saw him,you would be drooling,too.Dean walked into the bathroom and closed the door.Neville gave Dean a strange look when he passed him."What's with the mustache?" he asked."I'll tell you later." said Ron.I put my finger up and said,"Wait for it." A girly scream came from the bathroom followed by a crash.We all flinched.Dean tumbled out the bathroom,covering his mouth.

Everybody,besides me and Dean,pointed to me.Dean tried to tackle me.I ran out followed by Dean.I climbed out of the portrait hole to see Draco SNOGGING Daphne.Hermione climbed out the portrait hole behind Dean,carrying her books.Tears welled up in my eyes as I grabbed one of Hermione's books and hit Draco with it."DRACO MALFOY! YOU BIG LYING JERK!" I yelled hitting him with every word I said.I grabbed Hermione's biggest book and hit him saying,"That is because you lied to me!" Then I dropped the book and slapped him saying,"That is because I wanted to!" I ran into the common room,heartbroken.Then I remembered one thing.I ripped off the necklace he gave me and threw it at him.

I sat on the couch,crying.Dean gave me a comforting hug.Then Harry,Ron,and Seamus came downstairs followed by Neville."What happened?" asked Ron,Harry,and Seamus in unison.Hermione told them everything.Harry and Ron rushed out the portrait hole.I couldn't stop them,seeing that they're in a rage.I wiped my tears and said,"Well,let's go on to breakfast,I'm starving." "I'm gonna go get dressed.I'll meet you in the Great Hall." said Dean."Okay." I mumbled.

I fixed my eyeliner and lip gloss and helped Hermione with her books.As we were walking to the Great Hall,we passed a hallway where Harry and Ron were cornering Draco."Hey guys,we're heading to the Great Hall." I said,jerking my head toward the large doors leading to the Great Hall."Alright." grunted Ron.I heard Harry mutter something to Draco which strangely sounded like,"I'll get you after classes." Draco looked like his had just p^ssed his pants.
Draco's POV
"What the h^ll?" said Weasley with an enraged face."She kissed me! I swear!" I said,knowing how ugly this'll get if Chloe finds out.Then Chloe came by with Granger."Hey guys,we're heading to the Great Hall." she said.Her voice just put me in a trance.Then Potter muttered,"I'll get you after classes." I immediately got scared.Especially since Chloe was in one of the most respected pureblooded families.But my family is more respected than hers,of course.Then I felt a pang of jealousy as Potter put his hand on Chloe's back while walking to the Great Hall.I sighed.Nice,now she hates you.Apparently Chloe doesn't know that I'm every girl's dream.Who am I kidding? I blew the best chance of my life.
Chloe's POV
I started stuffing spoonfuls of cereal in my mouth."I'm gonna go to the library." said Hermione."We're gonna go get ready for the second task." said Harry."Good luck." I said.I looked at the Slytherin table.Draco was still snogging Daphne.In my pocket,I felt a flask.It contained a potion that turned hair red whenever the drinker thinks of the person who put it in their food or drink for a month.I took out 2 of Filibuster's fireworks and set them off.While red,white,and blue fireworks bounced off the walls,making a racket,I snuck my way to the Slytherin table.Draco looked away and I slipped the potion in.I raced back to my table and hid the flask in my pocket.The fireworks stopped.

I smiled to myself.I finished my breakfast after Draco.While he was walking down the hallway with Daphne,his hair turned red.I walked passed him and said,"Hey Weasley,oh wait,you're a Malfoy.Fancy being a ginger?" He shot daggers at me.I smirked and kept walking.

Hey guys! Girls,I mean.Or guys,that could be possible but I don't have guy friends.So did you like the story? Sorry,I haven't been on so long,my computer got attacked by a virus.But my computer's fine now.So tell me,hat was your favorite part of the story? Please COMMENT and RATE.Ciao!

-TheDeathEaterIsOnTheKill a.k.a 10azngurl10


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