Wilderness Whisper

I walk alone through these woods. Where do I turn now?

Chapter 1


by: KelseyKo
I walk alone, through this map of detail, the trees smelling of pine and oak. I like to get away from my life sometimes, so I walk out here, alone, thinking this is a reality no one can have. The grass rustles beneath me as the wind blows. Step, step, crack. Twigs are everywhere, I have to be careful. A chill comes down my spine as the night grows darker. My long dark hair blows to the side with the wind as I step through this sparkling forest of green. It's fun to come out here at night, because you know you are alone, until you find the un-found. I buttoned up my thick soft jacket as it began to get colder. Should I turn back now? No.

Step, step, crack. I was silent, but something was not. I glanced around as my heart raced a little, trying to find where the noise was coming from. The noise was now silent, as I was too.

"Atinna?" It calls from the darkness. It knows my name. The voice was unrecognizable.

"Who are you?" I called out to the voice.

"Go back to reality, stop living a lie." The voice now whispered.

"Who are you?" I asked in the same whisper. Silence. Dead silence. I thought it over, only to realize the voice I had heard was my own.

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