Wilderness Whisper

I walk alone through these woods. Where do I turn now?

Chapter 2


by: KelseyKo
I was puzzled and amazed that I didn't recognize the voice as my own. I stared off into the direction that I was heading, and turned around. I began to run back to my home, for it was far too unsafe in these woods. I ran past trees, bushes, and more twigs, only to end up again where I stopped. Where was I?

Lost. I was lost in these woods. It was too dark to see, and I was too tired to continue. I plopped to the ground, dropping my brown sack which carried a half eaten turkey sandwich, a small container of juice, a book, and... a flashlight. I had forgotten that I had packed along my flashlight, will this be my last hope? I opened the sack carefully, retrieving the flashlight, and I clicked it on. Dead. The light was useless now. I packed the dead light away and took out my turkey sandwich. I was walking all day, and I only half of the sandwich in the morning, so eating was one of my main priorities.

The wind blew again, blowing my long dark hair wild. By this time, I was sure that my hair was messier then when I woke up. I didn't have a brush or a mirror either. It's a good thing I'm all alone.

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