How to become an online stalker.....

How to become an online stalker.....

Chapter 1

I wants one

How to become an online stalker.....

1.Be friendly to your subject... compliments work
2.Earn their trust "lol" and (((hug)) alot
3.Learn their top 3 screenames
4.Get angry when they dont respond to your pm's
5.Send threatening messages
6.Publicly ridicule them in an online forum
7.Save profile to favorites so you can read all threads to see if he/she mentions you
8.when that person has changed thier screename and tried to disappear... keep searching for their writing style or his/her group of online buddies
9. Keep a diary of of any important info they post.
10. After they decide you are far too creepy, get a new screen name and rep steps 1-10.


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