** Lil G & Lil E Go to Pigfarts **

Hiyaa you guys, i've tried to put this up like 3 times so i'm getting really tired of typing this little box lol.

Basic Info:
Its about how me and ussabrefencer become starkids.
Starkid are taking AVPM on are tour of the USA and the UK.
Bonnie and Lauren arn't able to make it because of a movie.
We're good friends with them XD
So they asked us to fill in for them :)
And we'll see how the story unwinds from there ;)



Chapter 1


~OFF WITH YOUR HEAD, D-D-D-DANCE TILL YOUR DEAD-~ My phone sang as I ran over to get it.

~EMLAA!!!~ I heard Geena, My BFF, call into the phone.

~GEENLAA!~ I shouted back.

~Wear your Little D T-shirt today!~ she demanded.

~Already one step ahead of ya! Ha, Im just leavin now, be outside yours in 5!~ I smiled widely and put the phone down.
Im guessing youre wondering what all that was about? Well My names Emi, I live in Michigan and today is my first day of university with my best friend. Ive known Geena since Elementary school when we got locked in the building overnight, dont ask, and weve been close ever since.
I snapped out of my thoughts and ran down stairs grabbing a piece of toast and saying goodbye to my mother on my way out.

~Seeya later mum, love you!!!~ I yelled as the door shut. As I got up to Geenas house I knocked on the door and heard someone yell.

~SOPEN!!~ Could only be her! I opened the door and ran in heading straight for the stairs. As I opened the door to her room I saw her stood infront of her mirror messing with her hair.

~Oi Cho Chang! Are you finished?~ I teased. She turned to me then back to her mirror.

~I look perfect yall!~ she played along, but not for long cos she burst out laughing and came over to hug me.

~Shall we go?~ she asked, I nodded and we headed down the stairs and out the door.
As we got outside Geena skipped over to her new car. I put on a pouty face and crossed my arms.

~Its SOO not fair you passed your test before I did!!~ I joked.

~Well I didn’t knock a biker off his bike and go through a red light!!~ she teased.

~I PANICKED!!~ I yelled, we both laughed and got into the car then pulled out of the drive way. Geena clicked a button and No Way started playing.

~OMWG!!!~ we both yelled and started singing and dancing in our seats.

Hope you liked it :D sorry its not too long yet, ive got alot of exams at school at the moment, so i have alot of work to do :L GEENA!! MESSAGE ME! WE HAVE IMPORTANT MATTERS TO DISCUSS!! LOL, also im VERY VERY sorry about the lack of punctuation in this, quibblo wont let me use speech marks and all that :) <3
Emi the Starship Ranger OUT!!


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