Mistaken Wish

Kaito Komoriuta and Cassie Blair used to be as happy as can be. But after a while all they do is fight and their last one leads to their breakup. The well-looked forward to wedding is called off. Then one starry night, Cassie makes a wish that will flip her world upside down. It literally only takes one wish, one mistaken wish, to ruin everything.
I hope you enjoy the story SugarKart and I are writing :)
~Sally Bianca Charlie Jones

Chapter 2

Goodbye, Cassie Blair

by: Cozy_Glow
I reached for the door knob, but let my hand slip: she'd never come back for me. I banged my head on the door.

"I'm sorry, Cassie."

I wasn't sure what happened that night, everything was hazy & fast. Some of my stuff was packed into boxes & I was lying on the couch. I remembered a soft kiss on my head & a hand, but nothing else.
Cassie was eating an apple at the table, silent & beautiful in the sun. I admired her from my position, hoping everything before had been a dream or something. She stood up, noticed me watching her & frowned.

"What are you looking at?" she hissed, crossing her arms. "And what did you do last night?"
"Honestly: I don't know" I replied, sighing. "I just woke up & I've got a headache."

She pouted & stormed off. She always went on a morning walk. I admired her stomping joggers & short shorts. I grinned & turned away to look out the window. It felt like ages before Tally, Cassie's friend, came, shyly, in.

"Heard you guys had another fight" she smiled, sitting beside me. "Did she kick you out or something?"
"I don't think so" I said, looking at the boxes. "I think I did that!"

I felt Tally's hand climb my arm & wrap around my neck. I turned to find her face so close to mine, that she leaned forward & kissed me. I tried to break free of her, but her grip on my neck & back was of iron. She pushed her body onto mine & I fell back onto the couch. The door swung open & Tally pulled me onto her.

"I forgot my..." Cassie began. She stared, shocked, at tally & me. Her eyes filled with tears. "HOW COULD YOU?!"
"I-I can explain..." I panted, shocked.

She slapped me hard across the face, grabbed Tally & stormed off. I left the apartment, crying as I packed. Man, I could be such an idiot at times. As I revved the engine, I hit my head on the steering wheel, letting it beep. Then, I drove off.

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